50 Things To Color 

I thought my first review should be the first colouring book I bought as an adult!

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or provided with compensation for this review. This book was purchased and coloured by me and this review written honestly by me. If you would like to buy a copy, it is available from the Book Depository via this link

Book Specifications

ISBN – 9781845436117

Author – Susan Hogg Tice

Publisher – Quarto Books

Pages – 224



This book just feels right. It’s weighty and about the same size as an A5 notebook. It has a whopping 224 pages, and unlike the title states, many more than 50 things to colour!

The book is glue bound, but due to the nature of the pictures, not many get lost into the spine. Many colourists will be familiar with the frustration of being unable to complete the last 0.5-1cm of a picture because of an unyielding spine!

The paper is a nice thickness, bright white and smooth. I have had zero issues with bleeding or shadowing, although as shown in the picture below, too many layers and some transfer onto the facing page does occur.

Page I coloured showing transfer

The first ten pages are dedicated to colour theory and colouring techniques – a handy reference for any colourist!


What do you like to colour? Animals? Patterns? Food? Clothing? With the exception of mandala, this book has a bit of everything.

It is organised into sections –  Animals and Nature, People and Fashion, Food and Drink and Still Life and Other Objects.

Table Of Contents

Each ‘subject’ has two pages. The first page has images of the subject (in my example, trees), with the next page a pattern to correspond with it.

Trees , page 1
Trees, page 2

This occurs with every one of the fifty things to color – typewriter keys with typewriters, feathers for birds, fur for dogs etc

The pictures underneath this review show some examples of this.

What I love about this book is the opportunities it provides for learning about shading and applying new colouring techniques – no matter what you want to learn, you can find an appropriate picture in this book!


From a mental health perspective, this book is amazing for any person who is new to colouring. It gives you many varieties of pictures to colour, on good quality paper and has pictures from the most basic to more intricate  designs depending on your level of concentration and need for distraction.

I find this book marvellous on either bad anxiety/depression days or bad pain days – it is enough to make me focus on something different and distract me, but not so much that I become overwhelmed. It also helps that it is not an overwhelming amount of patterns – choosing colours can be overwhelming but when the subject is chosen, it becomes easier to decide what colour to use.


Overall, I think this book would suit anyone, on any level of colouring ‘skill’. The variety and subject matter of images allows anyone to dive in, and the quality of paper means that even fineliner pens won’t bleed through. The only issue I found, as stated above, is that if colour is too heavy, transfer onto the facing page will occur. This isn’t enough to stop me – it is not terribly noticeable and can be remedied by using a lighter touch! An excellent first book or one to hone your colouring skills.

Doughnuts, page 1
Doughnuts, Page 2
Typewriters, page 1
Typewriters, page 2
Space, page 1

2 thoughts on “50 Things To Color 

  1. I always love coloring pictures of food (maybe because I’m a fatty who loves to eat!) The typewriters look intimidating, have you gotten a chance to color those in? My Creative Cats has a picture with a typewriter and I feel like it took me forever to fill it in!


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