Art Therapy 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

Publisher – Hachette

Frequency – Weekly

Cost – 7.99

Issues – 1-3

Issues 1-3

Art Therapy is a weekly magazine that promises colouring techniques, ‘mindfulness’ tips, colouring pages and comes with 3-6 art tools (pencils, markers, metallic pens etc) at $7.99 an issue. There is expected to be 100 issues. As I’ve subscribed, I receive my issues once a month- 4 at a time- and that’s how I’ll review them, rather than once a week.

I received my first three issues last week.


I had heard a lot of comments about this magazine before I recieved mine and expected to be somewhat disappointed. I wasn’t!

Each magazine is 20-30 pages long and contains a number of sections – colour theory, focus on one colour, mindfulness tips and colouring pages.

It is A4 size and the colouring pages are single sided, with a thick textured page that hasn’t bled through yet. The pages are as easy to remove as from a notepad. One unique part of the colouring pages is that on the back of the image, there is a section to write a title and your name. This is unique to this magazine as far as I have seen.

On the back of each colouring page


Each magazine has 6-7 images to colour. The first five are in the theme for the week – mehndi designs, tropical etc, then a colour by numbers and finally, a word or letter to colour. I was quite impressed by the variety in the images, particularly as I’d never seen any before – something that is becoming very common amongst colouring books.

Art Tools

I’m unsure which came with which issue, but issues 1-3 came with a total of nine pencils, six bullet tip markers and a sharpener. Issue one also came with a box to hold them in.

Colouring tools provided

I have used these for two pictures and had no issues. I find the pencils quite smooth and easy to blend with and the markers provide bright colour, although the bullet tip makes it hard to confine the colour! This is an image from the first issue I coloured with the above pencils

Completed using provided pencils (Issue 1)


I like the variety of images and the articles about technique and colour in the magazines. The images are not usually ones I would choose, so it is good to have a variety. I think the tools given with the magazine are great for all colourists and while they aren’t fantastic, they’re perfect for mid-level colourists!

Art Therapy is available from newsagents. Check out the best online shop for colouring books – great range, best prices and free worldwide shopping!!!

If you enjoy the style of this magazine, check out my review of the Really Relaxing series.

Colouring Activities

Colour By Number


5 thoughts on “Art Therapy 

  1. I love this magazine, and have subscribed online because of the bonuses provided, and there is only one thing I have a problem with. I find it very hard to get good strong colour from the pencils, which was a shock because the photos of finished examples they show on the covers of each issue give the impression that the colours are strong and rich. However, I find the pencils very smooth to work with. Thanks for sharing your review. Looking forward to seeing what else you have to show us.


  2. Very disappointed first delivery didn’t get issue three out of stock ( still don’t have it) second delivery no colouring board or issue 5 out of stock. Also note saying there will only be 2 issues per delivery until next year. No mention of missing issues


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