Decorative Designs

I have quite a collection of colouring books, so for the next few weeks there will probably be a few reviews a day in order to catch up!

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review. I purchased and coloured this book. This review was written by me. If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, it is available from the Book Depository via this link or from Amazon via this link.

Book Specifications

ISBN 9781782433439

Publisher Michael O’Mara Books (The Gift Of Colouring For Grown Ups)

Pages 80

NB – In other countries and some online shops, this book is sold as ‘Mandala Magic’. These are the same books.



This book is one of many square shaped books. It is not as large as many, about 18×18 cm, making it a nice portable size.

The pages are lovely and thick, bright white paper and very smooth (as with all Michael O’Mara books) and the pages are lightly glued to the spine. I had no issues with bleeding, unless I pressed rather hard with my fineliner pens.

The patterns/mandalas do not extend into the spine so getting to the last 0.5-1cm of a design won’t be an issue with this book thankfully!


The images in this book are mandalas. Big mandalas, small mandalas, intricate mandalas, basic mandalas – lots of mandalas.

The variety makes it an excellent choice for an entry level book, as well as enticing enough with the variety of mandalas for experienced colourists. I have included a variety of images included – but there is such a variety it is hard to show it all!

What does make this book unique, is that over half the images have a black background. This makes the colours stand out as well as being more forgiving of mistakes.

Black background


For those days when you need distraction, or something to focus on, this book is brilliant. The intricacy and repetition make it an amazing tool for pain relief, anxiety and insomnia – just pick a few colours and off you go. The repetition means you really start to focus and become drawn into the pattern.

I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to see if colouring will benefit their mental health as it has perfect images to help you focus and concentrate on something.


This is definitely a book that can carry you through beginner colourist to experienced. The more basic and smaller designs are very suited to days where concentration is low, while the more intricate designs are wonderful for distraction and focus.

Coloured with fineliners


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