Harmony Of Colour – Forests and Flower

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated to write this review. 

Volume – 1

Price – 12.95

Pages – 30-40

Frequency – Fortnightly 


The magazine is A4 size and has a lovely textured cover. The pages inside are single sided with bright paper and clear lines. Some images do go into the spine, but the spine will lay flat with use – so don’t panic about that strip you can’t immediately get to! 

I experienced no bleeding with any medium I used (pencils, textas and gel pens) although I am yet to try with fineliners and watercolours.


The title is very accurate – this book has lots of leaves and flowers. Many are repetitive patterns, which I know many people enjoy. There are quite a few floral pictures compared to leaves. If you are after a big variety of images, don’t get this magazine. If you live colouring nature scenes and florals this is the book for you! 


This magazine would be wonderful to keep someone in a calm, serene mood – the subject matter, combined with the repetition of the patterns and use of cool colours would be fantastic for times when you are overwhelmed or anxious. 

There are a few pages that are not intricate, but many will require a few hours effort, making it a great book for days and nights where you need to focus on something, whether due to pain or anxiety. 


I think this is a good collection of floral/forestry scenes with a nice number of patterns on good quality paper. For the price, you can get cheaper, although this magazine does look stunning.  

I will be getting the next few in the series when finances allow and I’ll be reviewing those shortly!





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