Disclaimer – I was not paid or compensated for this review.

If you would like to purchase a copy, it is available from the Book Depository (with free international shipping) via this link or Amazon via this link.


Publisher – Michael O’Mara Books

Pages – 128

Series – Creative Colouring For Grown Ups


This book is like other books in this series – A4, paperback and high quality. The paper is of medium thickness, although I have had no issues with bleeding or shadowing. Paper is bright white and smooth, with that handy 0.5-1cm around the border to prevent images going into the spine.

Each page is double sided, and this hasn’t yet been an issue with pencils, textas or fineliner pens. Paper is glued into the spine, so is sturdy and will not be easily removed.


This book is full of classic comic covers, as the title suggests. I didn’t realise until I looked it up, but all the covers are from actual comic books from up to eighty years ago! The front and back inner pages have the coloured covers for you to refer to from a sampling of the pages.

This means that you can use whatever colours you like, or colours that are true to the image – it’s up to you!

There is quite a variety in the subject matter of the comic covers – it is certainly not restricted only to superheroes! There are comics about adventures, love stories, yes, superheroes and explorers.

I honestly love the authenticity of this book – as a massive comic fan, this feels like merging two hobbies for me!

There is a nice balance of intricate images and ones with bigger gaps that can be completed more quickly.


If you like comic books, movies, TV shows or history – you will like this book.

It isn’t something that you’ll finish five of in one day – they take some more time than that, however they are the type of images that seem to make time go more quickly.

I would recommend this book to any one who has fluctuating concentration levels, or needs distraction when in pain, because this book is wonderful for that. It does what the original comics wanted to do, transport the reader/colourist away.

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10 thoughts on “Creative Colouring For Grown Ups – The Classic Comic Colouring Book

  1. I loved reading the information and detail you provided about the comic/colouring book. It does look like it would be easy to get your mind off of other things if colouring this because of all the details that would go in to completing it. This would be a great gift for my nephew, he is a huge comic book fan!


  2. This looks like fun! It’s rare to find themed coloring books for adults. Usually I only see patterns to color. Maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong spot though! 😉


  3. So, my mom had been trying to find adult coloring books for me as a gift. Yes, really! She has been searching. Where else can I purchase adult coloring books that are clean and fun. Most are x-rated.


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