Creative Haven Creative Cats 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

Publisher – Dover Publications

Illustrator – Marjorie Sarnat

Pages – 32


This book is a great size. A4 and around 30 pages, it’s a good size for intricate pictures and thin enough to be easily transported. As with all Creative Haven books, it is paperback, printed on lovely, smooth, white paper that is a good thickness for no bleeding.

Pictures are single sided, so no need to worry about bleed through with standard tools. Each page is also perforated, allowing for easy removal if needed.

Each picture has a blank 1cm border, along with the perforations, so no need to worry about not being able to finish the part of the picture in the spine.

Blank border


I love cats. I think they’re wonderful. They are one of my favourite things to colour, so I had to have this book. Even being one of my favourite subject matters, I was impressed with this book.

Each of the thirty images features one or more cats in some sort of role. There are cats in a garden, cats as playing cards, cats relaxing in an armchair, cats in love, cats as hippies – this book covers a lot of different cat occupations and hobbies.

The pictures are reasonably intricate – it could take a few hours to finish one, and the lines are medium thickness. There is a good combination of large spaces and intricate spaces in each picture.

Example of playing card kitty


This book will not be one that you breeze through – it could take a few hours to finish one picture. It is something that can draw you in and give you something to focus on though, with the small details and large areas, it’s easy to lose track of time in this book!

If you aren’t a fan of colouring in scenes, and prefer patterns or mandalas, this book is not the right book for you, but otherwise, I think it could benefit people with pain issues!

The subject matter is cheerful, and I found it helpful while colouring to imagine the subject doing whatever it’s posed as – for example, a cat as a hippy, playing a guitar – and it was wonderful for distraction on days when my pain was bad, but my concentration was good.


I love the Creative Haven series, and this book is no exception. With the exception of people who love mandalas and patterns, I think anyone could get some enjoyment out this book. If you would like to purcahse a copy, it is available at the Book Depository via this link

Title Page


6 thoughts on “Creative Haven Creative Cats 

  1. This is definitely a must-have for me. Thanks for showing us some of the pages because t.hat has decided it for me. I love anything to do with cats, and these are just soooooo cute and quirky, I know I’ll just lose myself in these drawings.


    1. I do love them, they’re amazing for losing yourself in so I hope you enjoy it! I actually started the picture that’s up the top (with the gumball machine) today


  2. I adore this book and have made a pretty good dent in it. I’ve used markers (Sharpies and Bics, fine and ultra fine), which DO bleed through. However, it’s not a problem because the pages are single sided and all you have to do is put a piece of heavy paper or cardboard behind the page.


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