Creative Haven Curious Creatures

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book it is available from Amazon via this link or The Book Depository via this link.



Illustrator – Amy Weber

Publisher – Dover Publications

Pages – 32


Like all Creative Haven books, this is a good size for colouring. A4, paperback and a good thickness.

The paper is medium thickness and I have had no issues with bleeding through.

Pictures are single sided, and there is a blank border around the pictures to stop the issue of pictures going into the spine. Pages are perforated, allowing for easy access.


I have never seen any images like the ones in this book. The premise is that there are animals in a variety of scenes and pictures that are not usual.

Octopi in space, cat toadstools, steampunk pigs – this is truly a book to use your imagination.

The scenes are quite intricate, with some smaller spaces and bigger spaces within each scene.


This book is full of images that will entrance you and take quite a bit of time to complete. They are perfect for just diving in and focussing on for hours at a time. I’ve found these images great for days when my pain level is high, or I am having trouble sleeping but I can maintains level of concentration.

This book is not for people who prefer patterns or mandalas. This book contains intricate scenes and mind bending images. If the idea of colouring displaced objects makes you anxious or overwhelmed, I don’t recommend this book.

Overall though, it’s a good book for anyone who can maintain a moderate level of concentration, as its something different that I haven’t seen elsewhere!

5 thoughts on “Creative Haven Curious Creatures

  1. What are the mont marte essential pencils (pictured in your collection of pencils rubber banded together) like? Do you have many of those? What are your thoughts on them? Also, what brand is the white pencil with the pink tip (in the same rubber banded group of pencils, in the “back” of the group)? I use polychromos, prismas, colorsoft staedtler, and the micador colorrush mostly, but others too. In the US, the micador colorrush are not easy to find, and often cost $25 USD or more plus shipping. They are great pencils though for a non artist brand. Just found your site when I came across a review on amazon, and I’m enjoying it a lot.



    1. Hey Carrie! I’m glad you’re enjoying the reviews 🙂
      Both Mont Marte and the white pencil are just a cheap store brand. The colour Rush are quite good although that is expensive!


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