Creative Haven 

If there is a series of books, I will do an overarching review of the series as a whole, including quality, range and anything else relevant to the entire series. I will still review each book individually however!

Creative Haven is a series of adult colouring books published by Dover Publications in the US.

The range and quality of these books makes them the gold standard of colouring book series, loved by all adult colourists.

The books range from 20-50 pages and are printed on thick, white paper. Each book is single sided – so bleeding or shadowing is not a problem. Pages are perforated, so are easy to remove if needed and all have a 1cm white border so no need to worry about that pesky spine in these books.

The range is awe-inspiring. Anything you like to colour, there is most likely a Creative Haven book for it. My own collection includes Creative Cats, Naturescapes, Curious Creatures, Owls , Nature Mandalas, Christmas Mandalas and Dreamscapes. That’s only 1/20th of the range available however!

Creative Haven can usually be found online at the for between $8-$18 AUD with free shipping via this link

Creative Haven – Beautiful Flower Arrangements

Creative Haven – Chalkboard Art
Creative Haven – Creative Cats

Creative Haven- Curious Creatures

Creative Haven – Fantasy Designs

Creative Haven – Midnight Forest
Creative Haven – Nature Mandalas

Creative Haven – NatureScapes
Creative Haven – Owls

Creative Haven – Art Nouveau Animal Designs

Creative Haven – Amazon Animals
Creative Haven – Day Of The Dead

Creative Haven – Mandala Color By Numbers

Creative Haven – Steampunk Fashions

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