Creative Coloring Inspirations

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

If you would like a copy, it is available from the Book Depository via this link and from Amazon via this link.


Illustrator – Valentina Harper

Publisher – Design Originals

Series – Creative Coloring

Pages – 72


The Creative Coloring series is new to me – I haven’t seen much of it until recently. I must say, I’m quite impressed by it!

The pages are lovely and smooth, and there have been no issues with ink bleeding through so far.

Images are single sided, so most mediums shouldn’t be a problem. The back of each image features a quote related to the image.

The images do not enter the spine, and the spine is glue bound, so there is little chance of accidental removal!




As the title insinuates, this book is full of inspirational quotes to colour. 32 to be precise. It is a nice change, to be able to colour the words we often see printed around on shirts, ads and cards!

The quotes are surrounded by birds, flowers, patterns etc in a way that is both basic and intricate.

The start of the book has a number of pages dedicated to color basics, color basics and examples of completed images from the book complete with tools used.

Line thickness is medium throughout the book and each picture features this artists signature circles – as I’ve tried to demonstrate in the pictures below






The subject matter of this book is enough for me to recommend to anyone – no matter the reason you colour!

For times when your concentration is low, many of the images are both basic and sectioned, allowing you to focus on one or one part of the image at a time – something that can be very helpful when anxiety is overwhelming or you just can’t pay as much attention.

For times when you are able to concentrate and need something to dive into and lose yourself in, there are also more intricate images that could take hours to complete.

This is one of the few books I think would suit anyone – the subject matter, illustration and fluctuating intricacy level makes it wonderful for any level of colourist of concentration.



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