Creative Haven Owls 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review


Publisher – Dover Publications

Series – Creative Haven

Pages – 31

Link to Purchase 1 Purchase Creative Haven Owls here


As with all Creative Haven books, this is a quality colouring book. It is a good size, A4, paperback and enough pages to make it portable.

The paper is smooth and bright, and each image is single sided. The paper is a good thickness and I’ve had no issues with bleeding or shadowing.

The pages have a handy white border around each image so no worries about the spine stealing your picture! Each page is also perforated allowing for easy removal.


This book is filled with owls. Owls in many positions – in space, as an alchemist, even as a poet. I love the variety of images in this book.

Each image is quite intricate, with many small details to investigate and colour.

Even though all the images have thesame subject and premise, each image feels new and exciting – like a new world to investigate.

There is a variety of big and small items and spaces, allowing for a varied colouring experience.


Like many of the Creative Haven books, this is not a book you will breeze through. The intricacy of each image means that you will require some concentration to finish a page.

That said, the subject matter and the small details make it a book that I have found quite good for times when my concentration is low – the mere act of figuring out what’s what distracts me for some time!

If you prefer repetition, or patterns, this isn’t the book for you. If you like to get stuck into a scene and focus on it for hours – perhaps when you need distraction, or have insomnia – this is the perfect book for you!


7 thoughts on “Creative Haven Owls 

    1. Hey Cathie!
      I’m so glad you’ve found something that helps! It’s something that I’ve found helps across the board -with pain, depression, anxiety etc
      I’m actually midway through an owl at the moment!
      I hope you’re having a peaceful head day x


      1. You’re welcome. As I’m disabled and suffer from acute clinical depression, I cannot get to the shops very often (in fact it’s a once a month trip if I’m lucky because my hubby also has mobility problems), so being able to actually see inside some of the books I’m interested in, and reviewed by someone who understands where I’m coming from, is amazing. You deserve a medal, and I hope you keep it up.


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