The Gold Collection

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.
If you would like to order a copy, it is available from the Book Depository via this link.


Publisher – Michael O’Mara Books 

Pages – 80

This book is like many, square. It is slightly smaller than many colouring books, at 22cm square. The cover is lovely, black with metallic patterns across the front and back.

The pages are like all Michael O’Mara books, smooth and white, with a nice thickness. The pages are glue bound into the spine, allowing for easy removal if necessary.

The pictures also have a dedicated border around the edges – something that many colourists will be thankful for!

The defining feature of this book is the ‘gold’. Every second page has a picture that is printed in gold/sepia tones. This is a nice change – I’ve not seen many books with any colour lines bar black. It enables the colourist to try new colouring techniques and colour combos.


The images in this book are varied. There is a variety of patterns, mandalas, everyday objects and food items.

The pictures are variety of thick lines and thin lines. My only qualm would be that some patterns have lines so thick that it makes it difficult to know where to colour. This is only a very small number of images like this though.


This book does have something for everyone. It is well split between abstract patterns/mandalas and objects.

I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys colouring different things, and have fluctuating levels of concentration while colouring. The variety of images and line thicknesses allow for any level of pain, anxiety or distraction.

The sepia toned images allow for a change of pace, when you want to try something new but not something too new.

I think this book would suit anyone who does not have definite subject they prefer to colour.

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