Colouring For Mindfulness – Cats

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review. If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, it is available on the Book Depository via this link or Amazon via this link.


Publisher – Hamlyn

Series – Coloring For Mindfulness

Pages – 72

Images – 70


The Coloring For Mindfulness series by Hamlyn comes in a few different styles – rectangular, square and small, square and large, regular size etc.

This book is small (20cm x 20cm) and square. The unique part of this book is the stiff cardboard backing, as well as the spine being at the top. This, along with perforated pages, makes for a very easy colouring experience, whether on the go (the sturdy back is a very handy rest) or at home.

The paper is a medium thickness and images are double sided. The only bleeding issue I had was when I pressed quite hard or went over the same spot quite a bit using a fineliner pen. This was easily covered when I covered the picture on the opposite side however.

Some images do enter the spine, a common problem, however the perforated pages make it very easy to remove the image and complete it.


It’s no secret I love cats. So this was another non negotiable acquisition 😉 The style is a new one for me – the tiny lines and intricate details felt delicate, like I was colouring something fragile. The images are combination of many things – cats surrounded by flowers, cats posing, a cat head – but all are quite intricate and all have quite thin lines.

The only qualm I have with the images is that some felt very similar to each other. Unlike some themed books that felt different each page, this book felt somewhat like I was repeating myself. I don’t know if this was because of the intricacy or because there are only so many cats posing with flowers one can spend 8 hours colouring!

The lines and patterns also allow for fans of patterns to continue this – even if the completed image is a cat, it is made up of lines, flowers and shapes.

Overall though, the images are well put together, a nice collection and with enough variation to keep animal enthusiasts happy!



A somewhat rare occurrence – this book is not one I would recommend to most people who are new to colouring or want something to assist with anxiety or pain.

If you have low concentration levels, and struggle to spend an hour or more on an image, this is not the book for you. Unlike other intricate images, it isn’t sectioned and will spur you to complete it, no matter how much it frustrates you.

However, if you enjoy getting lost in an image, diving in and focussing on it and the patterns and colours until it’s finished, if your pain levels allow you to concentrate – then this would be an excellent book for you! The images are cute, pages are intricate and the paper can withhold any medium.

So if you want a challenge, or something to lose yourself in, this is the book for you!

If you enjoy the intricate style of this book, have a look at my review of Colouring for Mindfuless: Moorish via this link.

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