Creative Colouring For Grown Ups – Tattoo Designs

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

If you would like to own this book, it is available from the Book Depository via this link.


Publisher – Michael O’Mara Books

Pages – 128

Series – Creative Colouring For Grown Ups

BookAs with all MOM books, particularly the Creative Colouring For Grown Ups, the quality of this book is great.
The pages are bright white and smooth; of medium thickness. I have had zero issues with bleeding, just some minor shadowing using fineliner pens. This is easily fixed when you colour the next page however.

Each page is double sided – but there have been no issues with bleeding thus far. I cannot speak for alcohol markers or watercolours as I haven’t used either on any books.

This book is an amazing array of images, all that I would consider possible tattoo designs – unlike some haphazard tattoo books I have seen – with still something for everyone.

From the standard dragons, dice and tribal tattoos, to faces, mandalas and owls – this book has something for everyone. No matter what you like to colour, this book will most likely have it.

This is one of the few books that I have been working from from front to back – because it never bores me or has too much repetition.

There are various intricacies – some are fairly basic patterns or objects while others are more intricate and will take some time.



If you like to colour objects, animals, patterns, people or just designs – this will be a good book for you!

I have found this book really good for nights when I can’t sleep – the pictures aren’t incredibly intricate, but they do take some time to do well and it’s a book I can just work through from front to back due to the variety. This would also work very well for people with pain issues – another book you don’t have to dedicate much concentration to, but still distracts you from pain or anxiety.

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