1000 Dot To Dot Animals 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.

If you would like to buy a copy of this book, it is available from the Book Depository via this link or from Amazon via this link.

Illustrator – Thomas Pavitte

Series – 1000 Dot – to – Dot

Publisher – Ilex

Images – 20

NB – While not technically a colouring book, many colourists do add colour to the images after completing them, hence my decision to review it here.


This book is massive. I don’t mean thick, I mean tall. At 40cm tall, it will not fit on a standard bookshelf. This shouldn’t have surprised me, given that 1000 dots fit on a page, and yet, it did.

The images are single sided, which is a godsend, as using a ballpoint pen can cause more pressure and indentation than a pencil. I did however, have zero issues with any bleeding no matter if I used a normal pen, a fineliner or a pencil.

Images do not enter the spine, which given the nature of these images, is a great thing – you’ll see why in the photos.

The spine is sturdy and I have had no issues with loosening of the pages as you might expect with a book you have to turn and see from different angles.


They have 1000 dots. Not an exaggeration or an estimate – they have exactly 1000 per image. It’s a lot, but it makes for amazingly detailed images.

This edition features 20 images of animals that are up to you to complete. Some are easier to work out partway through, some are a mystery until the last 100.

There are quite a few handy features of this book – each 100 (1-100, 101-200 etc) is in a different colour and believe me, this is very helpful when you just cannot find number 528!

Number one is always next to a star, making it much easier to start the process. The completed images are rich and complex and you get a real sense of accomplishment at the end of completing them.

Colouring the images is a great way to relax after finishing one – adding colour to an image you helped create has a sense of relaxation and accomplishment that normal colouring can’t beat!


This book requires concentration and a bit of it. It’s not a book for when your mind is wandering or pain is distracting you.

That said, the times when you can concentrate and you need a distraction, be it from a bad mood or a sleepless night or pain, this book is great. Each image takes some time to complete and you do lose yourself in it trying to uncover which animal is hidden within the myriad of dots!

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a book to challenge them a little, to make them think a bit more than standard colouring or anyone who likes to be a little more involved in the colouring process!

Looking for more animals to colour? Have a look at this review of Animal Kingdom!

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