Creative Coloring Mandalas

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review. 

Series – Creative Coloring

Artist – Valentina Harper

Publisher – Design Originals

Pages – 72


As with all Creative Coloring books, and many series’ of colouring books – this is a standard A4 size, with a sturdy card paperback.

With 72 pages, this is a good size to be portable and fit in a work or school bag.

The pages are super white and very smooth, allowing for easy lay down of colour. The pages are single sided and a nice thickness – I have had no issues with bleeding or shadowing, either with fineliners or textas. 

None of the images go into the spine, which is a fantastic quality – many colourists are sick of having to push their medium into the spine to complete a picture! 


A quote page
One of the color theory pages

This book has mandalas. 32 of them to be precise. They are a nice variety of flowery mandalas and patterned mandalas. 

Some are intricate, with many layers and patterns, while some are more basic and allow for a quick colouring session. All feature medium thickness lines and some larger and smaller areas to colour.

This book, like all Creative Coloring books, features the signature colouring style of the artist – that is, areas filled with small circles to colour rather than blank space. 

The first 10-12 pages include a page with tips about basic colour theory and combinations, followed by eight examples of the artists work, complete with mediums used and colour combinations. This is fantastic for people who have trouble coming up with colour choices or want to try something new.

The facing page of each image contains a quote that is nice to look over and read. 


I think this book is any mandala fans dream. The images are traditional mandalas, but with the artists signature style of circles instead of blank space, it adds another twist to the pages. 

If you like mandalas or patterns, this book is great for that. The variety allows you to spend twenty minutes on a quick colouring session if your concentration is waning, or longer if you feel the need to lose yourself in an image. This book has a bit of both. 

This book is also great if you just want to keep yourself busy, without having to think too much about colour schemes or colouring techniques – the colour schemes in the front of the book make it much easier to choose, and the images don’t need any shading or light sources etc

Overall, I would recommend it to anyone who likes mandalas or patterns, no matter the reason for you colouring – pain, distraction, anxiety or because you enjoy it! 


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