Color Art For Everyone – Water Wonders

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review​


Series – Color Art For Everyone

Pages – 24

Price – 6.99


The Color Art for Everyone series has a number of different editions (Kaleidoscope, designs etc) and each is the same format. An A4 magazine, paperback with 24-40 images.

Each page is single sided, and surrounded by a white border – removing the pesky spine issue! 

The paper is quite thin, but as the images are single sided, this isn’t much of an issue unless you use alcohol markers. 


I haven’t seen a great deal of water/ocean themed books or magazines. Certainly not as common as forests/garden themed books. So this was a pleasant change. 

The images are primarily patterned images – seashells, sailboats, fish, underwater scenes rested on the page. It is a nice variety of subjects, although the patterned nature of them become a touch tedious. 

The lines are all medium thickness and there is a nice balance between intricate and basic images. None of these will take hours and hours, nor will they be finished in fifteen minutes. 


If you’re a fan of patterns – picking your colours and continuing without having to focus too much, this is a great magazine. If your concentration is low, or fluctuating, this is a good magazine – the images aren’t basic, nor are they so intricate that it will overwhelm you. 

The subject matter is cheerful, and an added benefit of colouring ocean/water themed images is the colours. According to colour psychology, blues and greens are calming, reduce feelings of sadness and help to reduce activity in the nervous system. 

I would recommend this book for anyone who has issues with insomnia or concentration issues – not only will you get the benefit of colouring, but the colours are soothing and have their own benefits. 

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