Pre-Orders To Get Excited About!

Something I’m always on the hunt for is new books to preorder. Usually these will be books in a series I love, by an artist whose books are amazing or just something that catches my eye!

The best thing about preordering? I generally forget the date – so when they show up or I get the shipping notification, its like a present to myself because it’s already paid for!

So without further ado, here are the preorders I’m most excited about –

Animal Kingdom Artist Edition – Out 12/11/2015, preorder via this link. The same images we loved in Animal Kingdom, in hardcover book with cardstock pages!

Wild Savannah – Out 11/02/2016, preorder here.
The third book from the wonderfully talented Millie Marotta – this time in the savannah! Based on Animal Kingdom and Tropical Wonderland, this is sure to be a favourite!

Lost Ocean – 22/10/2015, preorder via this link.
Johanna Basfords third adult colouring book is a departure from leaves, instead embarking onto the seas! Break out the blues and get ready for an intricate journey.

The Harry Potter Colouring Book – Out 05/11/2015, preorder here.

The Official Game Of Thrones Colouring Book – Out 27/10/2015, preorder here.

The Official Doctor Who Colouring Book – Out 05/11/2015, preorder via this link.

The Magical Christmas – Out 29/10/2015, preorder here.
Something fans of The Magical City will be very excited about – Lizzie Mary McCullen is back with another fisheye book – I haven’t seen any images from this one,  but based on the Magical City, I’m excited!

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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