Star Wars Art Therapy

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review. If you wish to but this book, it is available at the Book depository via this link or from Amazon via this link.

Publisher – Chirpy Bird

Series – Disney Art Therapy

Pages – 128


This is somewhat of an anomaly in the colouring book world – the book is hardcover. This is, thankfully, becoming more common amongst books, but is still a hard to find quality.

It is probably halfway between A5 and A4, and at 128 pages, feels nice and weighty.

The paper is bright white and smooth, and a nice medium thickness. The images are double sided, but the only issue with bleeding I have had is some spotting when using fineliners. This is easily rectified when you colour the next page however.

The variety of images means that very few are double pages spreads but there are a few. These images are the only ones that enter the spine. The spine however, is quite easy to bend and move around, so this shouldn’t affect the pages too much.


Oh the images. I am a big Star Wars fan, so I have been waiting for this book for some time. The blurb promises ‘120 glorious art nouveau-style Star Wars scenes’ and they deliver. The images are varied – from scenes to mandalas featuring R2D2, to patterns, to Darth Maul surrounded by a frame of flowers – there is something for every Star Wars fan in this book.

The images are about half mandalas – although not your typical flower/pattern mandalas, and half characters and scenes.

At first, the images might not make sense – why is Admiral Akbar covered in flowers?! – but when you combine art nouveau with Star Wars, this is the result!



If you’re a Star Wars fan – this is a great book for you. No matter what you like to colour, this book will accommodate that. Mandalas, repetitive patterns, scenery, characters – this book has it all.

The variety allows for a choice of intricacy. Some images may take hours, some may take fifteen minutes. It is a wonderful book to allow for fluctuating concentration levels, as is common with chronic pain and/or mental illness.

The subject matter is great for any fan – after colouring two images, I wanted to watch the movies again! The more intricate images will draw your focus and keep you busy in another world!


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