Creative Haven – Day Of The Dead

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review 

Series – Creative Haven 

Artist – Marty Noble

Pages – 32


As with all Creative Haven books, this ticks the majority of boxes that colourists are after. 

At 32 pages, and A4, this book is a good size for home, work or travel. The cover is card with a glossy, colourful image. 
The paper is white and smooth, and a nice medium thickness. Using connector pens (textas/markers) I had bleeding onto the other side – but as with all Creative Haven books, this one is single sided – so bleeding isn’t an issue. I’ve included an example of this in this review. 

My favourite parts? The 1-1.5 cm border of white that prevents the all-to-common image infiltrating the spine that is always just out of reach. The pages are also micro perforated – easy to remove if you want to for any reason. 


There are a few day of the dead colouring books around and they are all quite popular. This book has 31 different images – all featuring sugar skulls for you to brighten! 

There is a variety of single sugar skulls, couples, groups in different scenes – a wedding, a church, a park, on a bike. It is nice to see an oft-taboo image treated with whimsy – it adds to the fantasy of colouring in my opinion! 

The images aren’t ones that will be done quickly. There is a variety of intricacy, but all do have several components. There is a variety of larger and smaller areas, and being authored by one person means that the images are consistent, which is nice.


Example Of Bleeding


This book is full of scenery. This means that it will be a book that requires you to focus on it, as opposed to patterned images that require little focus or concentration.

The variety of spaces and scenery make it good for when you need something to distract you and take your focus. 

I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who uses colouring to become mindful or when they have little concentration – there aren’t patterns or repetitive elements in this book.

Apart from this – the subject matter, the encouragement to use lots of colour and the need to concentrate make it a great book for many people! 

This book is available via this link.

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