Harmony of Colour – Wildlife and Nature 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review.


Series – Harmony Of Nature

Number – Four

Price – 12.95

Available from – Newsagents and  supermarkets 


The magazine is A4, and feels somewhat luxurious. The cover is cardstock, embossed and has a lovely smooth texture.

The magazine is not huge, about 30 pages, but feels weighty for its size, probably due to the weighted cover!

The images are all single sided with bright white paper that has a touch of texture to it. Enough to add a few layers of colour without being worried about bleeding!

The only thing I would complain about is that the images do go into the spine – something that is quite common, but still frustrating! The spine does lay flat with some use, which is a relief.


As regular readers will know – I love animals, particularly colouring them in. So this magazine was non negotiable for me.

The thirty images are a wide spectrum of the animal kingdom – from bees, to giraffes, to fish. Only one of the images in the magazine has been seen in other magazines/books, so even though it is made up of stock images, the publishers have chosen the less common ones!

The images are a nice blend of basic and intricate images, with a variety of line thicknesses. Some images may take you half an hour, others (like my bee, below) may take a few hours.

There are some patterns within the images – almost like a zentangle type magazine – but nothing that people who are averse to patterns will hate. They are easy enough to colour over, as I do!


This magazine is full of animals, and for many, that is a cheerful subject matter. I find colouring animals relaxing – it distracts me from whatever is going on.

If you prefer patterns or mandalas, this probably will not be the magazine for you. As above, there are limited patterns within the images, but not many.

The difference in intricacy between images and the subject matter make me want to recommend it to anyone who wants to use colouring for any health related reason – whether to distract from pain, calm anxiety or simply get through a bad night.

If you like colouring animals, have a look at my review of Creative Haven Curious Creatures via this link.


2 thoughts on “Harmony of Colour – Wildlife and Nature 

  1. Have t
    Looked everywhere in the stores in Ballarat but cant buy book 4/ Wildlife & nature. Can you tell me if the are sold on line please


    1. I have spoken to the publishers and they’re hoping to get them online sometime in the next few months. In the meantime, have a look on eBay! Im still missing one myself unfortunately


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