Really Relaxing – Colour Me Calm 

Disclaimer – I have not been paid or compensated for this review 

Series – Really/Completely Relaxing

Pages – 24

Number – 1 of 15


Color Me Calm is the first book in Really/Completely Relaxing series. The book is a good size, common amongst colouring book series’. It is A4, with a cardboard cover brandishing an embellished design on the cover. 

There are 24 pages and designs. The paper is bright white and slightly textured, enough for a few layers of pencil for sure. Medium weight paper and single sided images means there is little worry about bleeding or shadowing – I experienced neither with pencils or fineliners. 

Something that did make me smile was the 1cm white border on the spine – no jamming your pencil in just to finish that last strip of a pattern! 


The images are patterns. Lots of patterns, lots of types of patterns. There are some geometric patterns, design patterns, random patterns, swirls, feathers etc.

There is a nice variety of intricacies in the book. I would say half are more basic and half are more intricate. This is a pretty good balance and suits most people. 

The line thickness in all images is between fine/medium which again, lends to the fluctuating intricacies. 

If you like patterns, if you colour for mindfulness and/or if you like the repetitive nature of colouring and gain something from it – you will enjoy this book.

Each page provides a new way to destress, to continue the repetition and escape for a little while. I’ve found it good for nights when my focus is low – pick your colours and off you go. It occupies without needing a great deal of attention, which is perfect for people who don’t have a great deal of concentration but need something to keep them busy or distract from pain or a bad day/night. 

If you would like to buy a copy, this book is available from this link. The Book Depository has the best prices online and free worldwide shipping!  


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