Really/Completely Relaxing

Really Relaxing (UK) and Completely Relaxing are a series of adult colouring books from Elizabeth James.

There are currently 15 books in the Really Relaxing Series and 6 in the Completely Relaxing series. Both contain the same titles – just different ordering. 

I’ll be using the Really Relaxing (UK) ordering system.

These books are, as a whole, varied and well put together. From patterns, to mandalas, to animals, to geometric images – it has everything for all tastes. 

Each book is 24-30 pages long, A4 and well sized. The card covers feature bright images. The paper is medium thickness with a small amount of texture – enough for a few layers of pencil. 

The best part? Or two parts – the images are single sided and have a 1cm white edge between the spine and the image! No need to ply open the spine to finish a picture! This is a feature that’s becoming more common – but I’m still surprised when I see it! 

I love these books and I would think that there is one to suit anyone. I’ll be reviewing one a week so keep your eyes peeled!

If you want to view the series this link will take you to an online shop with free worldwide shopping! 

Book 1 – Colour Me Calm Review

Book 2 – Colour Therapy
Book 3 – Blissful Botanicals
Book 4 – Playing With Patterns

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