The Anti Stress Colouring Book

Disclaimer – I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. It is available  via this link from The Book Depository or from Amazon via this link.

Dr Rodskis next book, Calmness: Meditation Through Colouring is available for preorder via this link.

Author – Dr Stan Rodski

Publisher – Hardie Grant 

Pages – 96


Another book that feels right! A sturdy A4 cover and 96 pages makes it just weighty enough to be comfortable either on the move or at home. 

The paper is nice and smooth, bright white and a nice medium thickness. I experienced no bleeding with either fineliners or connector pens (textas/markers) which is a plus, as the images are single sided. 

The book is actually an amalgamation of three editions of the Anti-Stress colouring books. It is divided into three sections, but all images are quite consistent throughout the book.

The images stay well away from the spine, which is great news for anyone who is frustrated by images going into the spine! 



I love this book. To be honest, when I first received it, I wasn’t sure. I like geometrics, but it didn’t seem like anything special. The book is put together by neuroscientist Stan Rodski, a big proponent of adult colouring for positive brain chemistry. 

As mentioned above, the book is split into three sections, with a double page spread explaining the science behind adult colouring and the benefits behind it. This is great – I love knowing why I feel such benefits from a book!

It has a nice variety of images – some can be done in fifteen minutes, some might take bit longer.

The images are a variety of geometric scenes, repeated objects and line patterns. Enough to feel consistent, but not tedious! 


A funny thing happened while I was colouring in this book. I stopped caring. I’m not super critical of myself – but I had picked my colours and started and didn’t really care about going outside the lines all that much. I was just colouring, focussing on what I was doing and completely distracted. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of geometrics, patterns etc, I encourage you to give this book a shot! It surprised me by how helpful it was when I was edgy and anxious. 

I think it would be great for anyone who likes a variety of intricacies, but needs a book for times when your anxiety or stress levels are high. It will both distract you and help you feel better! 
Another book/series I am a big fan of for stress relief is the really relaxing series. Read the review here.

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