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Artist – Hanna Karlzon

Pages – 96


This book feels luxurious. I’m not sure if it’s the hardcover, the gold foil and embossed design or the nice weighty feel, but it feels like a book that you want to proudly display!

At 96 pages, it is a good length and at a little shorter than A4, it is a good size for travel or home.

The pages are glue-bound, making them nice and secure no matter how much you twist and turn. Images do enter the spine, thought this will hopefully be rectified in future editions.

The paper is an off white, with a nice amount of texture for adding layers. I primarily used fineliners and pencils and had no bleeding and only minor shadowing.

Oh the images. Put together, they seem eclectic and odd – but there is something magical about them. I had heard about them and seen pictures but I didn’t realise how gorgeous this book really is. All pictures are illustrated by the same artist and the consistency and love of art really shows through in each image.

There is a variety of subjects – animals, scenes, gardens, people. Some pictures contain patterns, while others have blank spaces. While there isn’t any mandalas or strictly geometric pages, the elements of some pages contain the same principles – repetition and colours.

I have coloured two pages in this book since I received it, 24 hours ago. Even just paging through it, I feel as if I have been taken on a journey through the artists mind and it’s a fun one! I seem to see something new every time I open the book.

The book is mainly intricate images although there is enough of a variety that I think it would suit anyone’s preference.

There is a variety of layouts, some double page layouts and some single. There are four pages that include the (near obligatory) add your own doodles or drawing instructions, but these are easily ignored.


Unless you are strictly a mandala or geometric patterns colourist – you should try this book. While I struggle with intricate pictures sometimes – because of pain or lack of concentration or just getting bored – these are not tedious or repetitive.

I think this book would be great for times when your concentration is fluctuating or you need something to distract you. It both sucks you into a journey and relaxes you, taking you to a new place and time. It would be a great book for days when pain or fatigue makes colouring very intricate pictures difficult, purely because of the range of pictures.


If you would like to purchase this book, it is available from this link. The Pen Store ships internationally and I was very impressed with how quickly it came! The English language version is now available from the Book Depository via this link and from Amazon here

If you are after a similar journey style book, read my review of Art Therapy – The Enchanted Forest.

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