The Garden Of Earthly Delights 

Disclaimer – I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an objective review. If you would like to purchase this book, it is available from The Book Depository  via this link or from Amazon via this link.


Artist – Adriana Picker

Publisher – Hardie Grant

Pages – 96

This book is a good size – square, but not small, weighty but not huge at 96 pages.
It has a firm paperback cover, with a gorgeous black, white and metallic foil cover.

The pages are gluebound into the book, which will secure them for a long while. The paper feels wonderful, delightfully textured and thick. The paper is thick enough to take several layers of pencil and I had no bleed through with water based pens.

It is an uncommon colour – more beige than off white, and that seems to suit the images very well. The paper is a delight to colour on, any medium I tried felt like colouring with butter.


The artist is an Australian artist and this is where she has taken her ideas from, an Australian garden. These pages are filled with common sights in the average yard – snails, slugs, bees, butterflies and frogs along with a variety of flora. It almost feels as if you are walking through the backyard and seeing and feeling these things as you go through the pages. As you can see from the images, I coloured in the garden – it just felt right to colour such a natural piece of art outside!

The images are a mixture of double page and single spreads, and there is a nice variety of intricacies. Some will take a few minutes, some will take longer. There is a lovely consistent style throughout the book that makes it feel like a story.

It did become a little bit repetitive as I was flicking through, but for the colourist who prefers this subject, it will be perfect for them.

The images are a style that would also suit colourists that love to add background details. Many of them are over half the page, some have gaps that can be filled with whatever you like. This makes the book feel like a collaboration.


If you like flora and fauna, this is the book for you. It has such a nice variety of gorgeous images that you will be love it.

I think this book would be great for when your concentration or focus is low, as the nature of the images means that you can basically pick colours and off you go! The variety of intricacies means that it will suit any focus level or colouring level.

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