Colouring For Grown Ups – The Can’t Sleep Colouring Book

Welcome to a super special Insomnia Edition review! Special features include – whatever I colour while I can’t sleep, photos by lamplight rather than natural light and super exclusive pics of my bedside table!

I’m kidding, but this is one of my absolutely favourite books to colour when I can’t sleep. If you would like to purchase a copy for yourself or a tired loved one it is available via this link with 30% off and free shipping or from Amazon via this link.


Publisher – Michael O’Mara Books

Pages – 128


As part of the Creative Colouring For Grown Ups series, the book has all the same features. It is A4 sized, with a card cover featuring a colourfully embossed design.
The spine is gluebound and has a handy 0.5-1cm border preventing the image from entering the spine thankfully!

The paper is bright white, and gorgeously smooth. The tooth doesn’t allow for a large amount of layering, although I got quite good results with the picture I did in pencil.

I had no issues with bleeding, although some shadowing did occur with connector pens (markers). The pages are double sided, so this was easily rectified by colouring the next page!



This book has a bit of everything. Geometric patterns, mandalas, doodles, repetition, animals, scenery, hot air balloons – anything! This makes it great for its purpose – insomnia!

The images are varied in both subject and intricacy. Some might take you a few hours, while others only half an hour. There is a nice variety of larger and smaller areas, along with varying line thicknesses.

The images don’t get repetitive as with some other books. The variety means that every time you turn the page, you’ll be completely surprised by what you see!

As stated, this book is great for insomnia. I think it would make a great addition to any bedside table for those nights when you just can’t sleep.

Whatever you like to colour, this book has it – most likely in a variety of intricacies!

I’ve wiled away many a night with this book – it suits any focus/concentration level and the images aren’t particularly difficult. It’s also great when pain makes it difficult to colour with great precision, because many of the pictures are quite free form.

This also makes it perfect for beginner colourists. The book isn’t intimidating to new colourists like some and would be great for a friend or relative with anxiety!

For the rest of my reviews in this series, have a look at this link.

Anothet favourite when I can’t sleep is the Anti Stress Colouring Book.


5 thoughts on “Colouring For Grown Ups – The Can’t Sleep Colouring Book

  1. This would be an answered prayer for me, since my Mom passed away on December 17th I’ve had so much difficulty sleeping, concentrating, and get anxious coloring really detailed books, which takes the relaxation and fun out of it. I’d love a chance to win this book! Bravo for creating a very needed book!


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