The Time Garden 


Artist – Daria Song 

Publisher – Ebury Press

Pages – 80

Link to Buy –The Time Garden Purchase


The Time Garden is one of two books by Daria Song. Both are square, around the same size as Secret Garden/Enchanted Forest. The book is 80 pages which makes it a lovely thickness.
The cover is a card, with a simple design of stars under the dust jacket. The dust jacket has a nice embossed design with touches of gold.

The paper is a medium thickness and I had no issues with bleeding with pencils, fineliners or water based markers, even though the images are double sided.

The spine is glue and string bound, although I found after spending some time on one double page design the spine had started to split. This may have been because it was the first page, but I am yet to encounter this on other pages.


The Time Garden tells a story of a young girl fascinated with a cuckoo clock. She looks inside and finds a fairy, who takes her on an adventure – through the gear filled clock, down alleyways, through garden parties, to a tree filled with magical creatures. 

The images are very unique, and remarkably varied. Song has a unique quality in that although the images are so varied, the story and her consistent style tie all the images together with very little repetition. There is a mix of single and double pages spreads throughout the story. 

Even though the book is made up of scenes, there are patterns made up of wallpaper, trees and various scenes for pattern enthusiasts. 

There is a nice variety of intricate parts and bigger spaces for any level of colouring expertise, and I think it is definitely a book that would grow with the colourist. 

Something I say about a lot of books is that it takes you on a journey. This book doesn’t take you on a journey, but its like reading an interactive picture book. One that you have collaborated with.


This is a great book for anyone. It has patterns, scenery, nature and people. I think there is something for everyone. It is a great book to get lost in if you are in need of distraction or wile away a night. The subject matter is whimsical and sparks the imagination. If you can concentrate a little more, it’s a great book to start cover to cover, as you would a picture story. 

The only person I think this book isn’t suited for is a diehard mandala/pattern fan – but if you’re looking for a different book to try, this does a good job of combining patterns and scenery! 


3 thoughts on “The Time Garden 

  1. Hi There,

    I love reading your reviews on different colouring books. It gives the reader the full picture of what to expect from the book. Thanks for doing these great reviews. Keep up the great work. Can you please do some reviews on Christmas books as I rally want to buy one for Christmas, but I’m not sure what to buy.


  2. I adore Daria’s artwork. It’s a shame that her third book, Presents (or is it Presence? I’ve seen it listed both ways.) is not available here yet. I suppose they will be holding it over for Christmas 2016. Daria’s work feels less formulaic than some of those by other popular colouring book artists, like Marotta . There’s a beautiful naive charm about her line work. What I have seen never looks busy and bitsy, Nor does it ever like the work has been done as a finished work but has had the colour removed to turn it to another purpose.


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