Country Style – Colour In The Country 

Publisher – Country Style

Artist – Daniella Germain 

Images – 36

Available at newsagents or via this link.

Country Style has also provided a page from the magazine for you to print and colour via the above link! 



Country Style has jumped on the adult colouring trend. The magazine is as high quality as their publication with a sturdy spine and an embossed card cover. 

The pages are standard paper, although they are one sided, a blessing for colourists! 

Some images do enter the spine, but the spine is easy to manoeuvre to get to the images. I had minimal shadowing with water based markers and fineliners and the paper handled pencils well with no transfer or indentation.

This magazine is illustrated by one artist, with a distinctive style. The images are in the theme of ‘country’ – farmsteads, animals, fields, bunnies, vegetables and even some mandalas containing these items. 

The artists style is quite sketchy, which I know is a firm favourite for some people. This does mean that the line thickness, although consistent, can be a bit thin for people with vision issues.

The images are a nice variety of intricate and simple, allowing room for colourists of all experience to enjoy. 



This magazine is cheerful. Each page reminds me of happy summer days as a child, and running around in summer. The different intricacies mean that it would be suitable for most colourists, no matter the expertise. 

There are no patterns in this book, so I would not recommend this for people who love patterns, or more intricate designs. 

If you have vision difficulties, I suggest looking at the pictures before you decide, as some may find it difficult to focus on the line thicknesses.

Apart from these exceptions, I think this would make a nice magazine for any colourist to enjoy!

If you enjoy this style of colouring, have a look at my review of The Garden Of Earthly Delights



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