Don’t Worry Be Happy

Artist – Thaneeya McCardle 

Publisher – Design Originals 

Pages – 208

Link to Purchase – 

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The structure of this book is a colourists dream. The weight of this treasury just feels right, weighty and full of potential!

The book is spiral bound, with a firm coil. This allows for full access to the entire image, and absolutely no concerns about images entering the spine of the book. The pages are also perforated, allowing for easy removal for storage, displaying or gifting. 

The paper is white, moderately textured and a nice medium thickness. I had no shadowing or bleeding with waterbased markers, fineliner pens and using pencils was a dream. 

One of the best features of this (and indeed, all of Thaneeya McCardles books) is the first 8-16 pages of the book are full colour examples, tips and coloured images from the book. This can be very handy for all colourists, but particularly those starting out.


One of the theory and example pages.

This is a treasury, meaning it contains bits and pieces from a few of Thaneeyas books. From what I can tell this treasury includes Happy Campers, Dapper Animals, Day Of The Dead, Peace and Love, Nature Mandalas, Good Vibes and the Groovy Abstract books. This makes for such an amazing variety of images with the same consistency of any authored book. 

Line thickness remains consistent throughout the book, with most images containing moderately thin lines and some containing thin lines. This can be varied within an image, but not so much that it is noticeable. 

The book is varied with intricacy, some images are quite simple patterns or animal images, while others are intricate phrases or mandalas. The more intricate images in this book are not intimidating at all – in fact, they nearly reach out to beg you to colour them! 


This book makes me smile. Not only for the easy of use, but the subject matter and the experience of colouring is a happy one! 

I think there is something for everyone in here, unless your preference is strictly one type of image, this is a book that is handy to have around as it contains pretty much anything you could want to colour in one handy volume! 

As mentioned above, line thickness and intricacy are not as difficult as some books, so I do think this book would be suitable for all ages and motor skills.

As for mental health, at times when I have been in a depression or feeling down, this book has cheered me up. Focussing on the subject matter, the cheerful animals or phrases makes me smile and does the job – distracts me with something pleasant! 

Overall, I think this is a great book for anyone, but particularly for new colourists, and colourists with depression would benefit from it! 

If you enjoy the cheerful, uplifting side to this book, have a look at my review of Creative Coloring Inspirations.


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