Escape To Wonderland 

Artist/s – Good Wives and Warriors
Publisher – Puffin 

Pages – 96 

Link To Purchase –  From Amazon or via The Book Depository.

Cover with fineliner for size comparison

This book is a great travel size, at 18.5cm x 18.5cm, it is a good size for travelling and the pictures are a good size for a less intensive colouring session while still having intricate images. 
It is paperback, but the covers are embossed card, in a lovely cream, blue and gold pattern. The spine is glue-bound which tends to be sturdier than string bound. 

The pages are double sided, and there is no border around them. This of course, prevents colourists from finishing the picture completely without breaking the spine to enter the binding. The double sided pages do bleed with alcohol markers, although I had nil bleeding with water based markers. 

The paper is well textured, allowing for a large number of pencil layers, meaning that you can blend a lot more than some books! 



The images are a unique blend of modern, classic and abstract Alice In Wonderland imagery. There are a mix of double and single page spreads, allowing the artist to choose the time investment they are making.  

Line thickness is consistent throughout, a nice feature that provides a feeling of consistency throughout the book. 

Some pages contain quotes from Alice In Wonderland, and a great many contain nods to classic imagery from Tenniel. 

There is a nice mix of intricate and simpler images, some allowing for experimenting with the background in some images and some requiring the artist to focus to distinguish lines and patterns. 


I would recommend this book to any book lover! It is a great way to remember the classic story while still indulging in a favourite hobby. The pictures are a great size for any colourist, at any level. The line thicknesses are consistent, making it a great book for those with vision issues. 

The size and diversity of intricacies in the book makes it a great buy for anyone with varied concentration. Some images will require a heavy time investment and others won’t. This makes it great for anyone with mental health issues, as it can make it hard to concentrate sometimes. 

If you like the style and story aspect of this book, have a read of my review of The Time Garden!

7 thoughts on “Escape To Wonderland 

  1. I’m always tempted my the adult coloring books but so many of the designs have such tiny and intricate details that I think they’d be frustrating. The pictures in this book seem a little bit more manageable. I’ll check it out!


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