Percy And The Colouring Adventure 

 Artist – Narelle Craven 

Publisher – logozoo

Pages – 24

Link to Purchase – 


Front Cover
This book surprised me from the minute I received it. It was quite heavy, as well as sturdy. Each of the 24 pages is on thick cardstock, suitable for alcohol markers – which will be brilliant for colourists usually restricted to printed pages for Copics and Chameleon markers. Along with alcohol markers, the pages held water based markers, Fineliners and pencils brilliantly, allowing for a good amount of layers and shading.
The book is spiral bound, allowing you to reach easily to every edge of the page, and stopping the all too common frustration of trying to get into the last 0.5cm of a picture buried in the spine! 

One of the things that makes me love this book is the incorporation of Percy The Penguin into each page, representing the Australian wildlife sanctuary that the artist is supporting through the manufacture and sale of this magnificent book.

These images are unique and gorgeous. Drawn by the artist, there is something for everyone in this book, from patterns, to animals, to scenes, to mandalas. 

Line thickness does vary throughout the book, although the majority are thicker lines, allowing for those with vision or concentration issues to enjoy this book as well.

There is a lovely element of hide and seek with Percy the Penguin hidden somewhere on each image for you to find and colour. 

I love the whimsy throughout this book, the images of hipster animals, a steampunk owl, a posing mermaid. The images are intricate and in depth, but not intimidating as some can be. 



I found this book very helpful on days or nights when my anxiety is through the roof. It gives me a fun, not too difficult image to focus on bringing to life and enjoy. The quality of the paper and book as a whole makes the book easy to use and enjoy, no matter your mood. As mentioned above, the line thickness and image intricacy makes it suitable for those who are vision impaired or may have difficult retaining concentration. 

Overall, I do recommend this book to all colourists, although perhaps not as a first book! A great gift for the colourist in your life who prefers alcohol markers as well! 

Looking for more whimsy in your colouring? Check out my review of Creative Haven Art Nouveau Animal Designs


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