The Harry Potter Colouring Book

Publisher – Hardie Grant

– 96

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The second book, Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring Book, is available now. Read my review via this link.

Front Cover


This is a book I have been waiting a long time for – I preordered the second it was available! 

The book is about A4 sized with a paperback card cover. The cover is in an impressive greyscale and gold design. 

The book is glue bound and reinforced with string allowing for a sturdier spine. Unfortunately, the images do enter the spine, making it a difficult exercise to get into the last portion of the image. The spine does yield with some use however.

The paper is a textured, slightly off white adding to the atmosphere of the potter-verse.

Images are double sided, making alcohol markers out of the question. Using both water based markers and pencils, I have had no issues with bleeding and minimal shadowing with heavy pressure. 



The images in this book are exactly what I expected. A mix of movie stills converted to colouring pages, patterns, artists rendering and conceptual art from the books and movies. In addition, the back of the book contains some concept art and stills from the movies for inspiration! 

The images have a consistent style (beyond being Harry Potter of course!) with line thicknesses and images style.

Line thickness is consistent throughout and there is a nice variety of images with large spaces and intricate images, making it great to practice and hone colouring techniques.

The variety is a nice way to journey through the Potter-verse once again, jumping from Harry in the Deathly Hallows, to baby Harry, back to the horcruxes. 

The variety of patterns, landscapes, portraits and stills makes it appropriate for any Potterhead to enjoy and bring to life. 



I love books that go on a journey, and Harry Potter is an epic one. The colouring book is a great one to dive into and revisit the books and movies. 

There is a nice variety of images for varied concentration – good for anxious times when you can’t focus, or times when you need to dive into something for hours to distract you. The line thickness and intricacies may make it difficult for some people with vision issues, but check out the pictures before making a decision. 
Looking for more pop culture colouring? Heck out my Game Of Thrones Colouring Book review.


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