The Affirmations Colouring Book

Artist/s – Alberta Hutchison and Louise Hay

Publisher – Hay House Publishing 

Pages – 96

Purchase from The Book Depository or via Amazon.


The Affirmations Colouring Book is A4 and a has a nice weighty feel to it. It is a paperback, with a card cover, complete with a half coloured image from the book in a glossy finish. 

The paper is a matte white and a nice thickness, allowing for water based markers and pencils. The paper allows for a good amount of layers from pencils, allowing for blending and shading. 

The book is glue bound, providing a sturdier spine than purely string bound books. 

None of the images enter the spine, they have a nice 1-2cm white space around them, preventing the painful issue of not being able to complete the 0.5-1cm of an image that is often lost in the spine. 

The pages are perforated, which is a lovely addition as the images are great for pulling out and displaying, or sharing with friends and family. 


As implied by the title, half the images in this book are affirmations that are able to be coloured. These are on one side of the paper, framed by a repetitive pattern. The facing page contains an image in a pattern, a mandala, a botanical image, or simply a pattern to focus on. 

The images are all illustrated by the same artist, providing a wonderful sense of consistency within its pages. The images are also all done in a consistent line thickness, contributing to the consistency as well as being much easier for people with vision or concentration issues. 

The images contain nice spaces, enough for shading, blending and colouring techniques, something that is often missing from pattern books. 



I love the positive messages that this book has. It’s a nice thing to read and continue to focus on while colouring. The patterns and words contained make this a fantastic book for when you aren’t feeling great or can’t concentrate. Gives you something positive to focus on while having a repetitive patten to dive into. 

This book will also be great for anyone with vision or tremor issues, as the line thicknesses and bigger spaces allow for mistakes and misbehaving mediums!

I would recommend this book to anyone, any level of colourist or any health issues.

If you enjoy this book, have a look at my review of Creative Coloring Inspirations.

2 thoughts on “The Affirmations Colouring Book

  1. I have just been gaining interest in the Adult Coloring Book Genre and love the way these have quotes. They would even make excellent wall art once you’ve colored the pages in the colors you wish. Great review of this book. I just might be checking it out! 🙂


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