Really Relaxing #3 – Blissful Botanicals 

Artist – Elizabeth James
Publisher – Kyle Craig Publishing 

Pages – 64/30 images 

Buy from the Book Depository or from Amazon.



As the other books in the Really Relaxing series, this is A4 and matches the rest in the series. A colourful, limited palette cover is produced in glossy cardstock. 

The book is string bound, giving it a bit of extra resistance while colouring. The images, thankfully, do not enter the spine, as they are surrounded by a 0.5-1cm border on the edge near the spine.

The images are also one sided, allowing for use of all water markers and fineliner pens. I have not tested with alcohol markers, but I would recommend giving them a miss with this book. The paper is a medium thickness, quite smooth and a bright white.


As the title suggest, this book is full of flowers. Single flowers are few, large, patterned flowers are frequent and there are a number of images with 2 or 3 different flowers arranged in a circle, or an arrangement. If you love colouring floral images, you will love this book.

The line thickness does vary quite a bit through this book, from very fine lines to quite thick lines, but this does not detract from the consistency drawn from the theme at all!

The intricacy throughout remains moderate – most are not terribly intricate but will require a time investment as they petals, or stem or entire arrangement may have a coordinating pattern. Some images are less detailed, and these are often the images with thin lines. 


If you love flowers, you should try this book. It will probably boost your mood, especially being able to add your own colours – bring a turquoise and purple striped rose to life if you feel like it! 

The only health consideration I would warn about is the varying line thicknesses may be difficult for people with vision or fine motor difficulties, so look at the pictures or flip through in store if you have one nearby and aren’t sure! 

Have a look at my reviews of the first and second in the Really Relaxing series.

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