A Blog Update and Some Info About Me 

Something I mention quite a bit, but don’t go into detail about is my health.

As my front page explains, I have both a mental illness and a chronic illness, so my days aren’t the easiest, nor are my nights.

This was part of the reason I took to colouring so quickly and love it so much! It’s a theme amongst many colourists, they find relief from their anxiety, pain, depression, insomnia, all from the simple act of colouring.

In early 2015, my physical condition deteriorated to a point where I could no longer work. I’m a nurse, and obviously require to do a lot of physical work. I worked very hard to get where I was, and this was a blow for me. Discovering colouring was a great distraction, a way to focus my energy and attention elsewhere. 

I did quickly discover that when you have limited access to stores to physically hold and look through books, it was very difficult to find accurate reviews, images and information about quality from online sources.

So I started with the small collection I had, not thinking it would be very popular, but hoping to help people in a similar  situation as me, to find the best tools to help them and not waste their hard earned money on a product that is useless to them. 

8 months later and the blog is more popular than I could have imagined. We are still small, and traffic varies a great deal, but I value each person who drops by, reads a few reviews, clicks a link or leaves me a comment. Each of you have made this blog what is is – without your support, I wouldn’t have had the encouragement to keep going! 

So when I comment on the health benefits of a book, it is my opinion – as a person with mental health issues, a pain condition and a chronic illness, an avid colourist, and as a nurse. It is my opinion, but I make the recommendations hoping that it helps others make up their mind about something or find a new book! 

As my disclosure says, the page does use affiliate links for the Book Depository. I would never link to a page I don’t use and I use the Book Depository regularly. The affiliate links mean that if you click and buy from the Book Depository I receive 5% of your purchase – it doesn’t cost anymore than if you didn’t use the link. I do this to offset some of  the costs of this blog – blog fees, review books, postage, and other running costs. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to ask! I am certainly not making a lot from this (I average around $40 a month) but it does help me get more reviews of books you want to see reviewed up! 

I have a lot of plans for this blog, including colouring tutorials and product reviews, so watch this space!

Thankyou for your ongoing support and I’m going to make 2016 a fantastic year for this blog, with your help and support!!!
Batgirl xx

3 thoughts on “A Blog Update and Some Info About Me 

  1. Thanks so much for your candor, I really appreciate it. I suffer from depression, so I do get much from your reviews in that aspect but your reviews will appeal to a very wide audience since they very high quality. Thorough, honest and great pictures. With each post, my wishlist grows, so you’re doing something very, very right. You’d taken a break, but I hadn’t taken from checking my feed to see if you had a new review!

    I didn’t thinking about using the Book Depository link until now, I’ll remember that. Also, hopefully you’ll get books sent to you from the publishing companies to review since your blog has such a professional sense to it.


    1. Aww Vicky you’re too kind! Thankyou for your encouragement and support, I’m so happy you are getting something out of them!
      I do get some books sent to me by publishers which is fantastic and a great help!


  2. Thank you for you ease in which you relate colouring so easily to your life, i am so glad that colouring is bringing you so much benifit. Having a congenital neurological phisical disability i was so glad to discover colouring it has really been a life changing experiance its giving me my fine and gross motor skills back after brain surgery and it does wonders also from a mental health perspectave for me as a result of all my baggage. Please keep up your wonderful work


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