Creative Haven Fantasy Designs 

Artist – Aaron Pocock
Publisher – Dover Publications

Pages/Images – 65/31

Link to purchaseThe Book Depository or from Amazon.

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As with the entire Creative Haven series, this book is very well made. Close to A4 size, the cover is a glossy and bright representation of the images inside. At 64 pages it is not heavy, but is a great size for working with.
The spine is glue bound, which will last a long while. The paper is white and has a lovely texture, with enough tooth for quite a few coloured pencil layers. I had no issues with bleeding with waterbased markers or Fineliners, although darker colours did shadow a small amount.

The pages are not double sided, which will be a great relief for those who are partial to pens and markers – even alcohol markers can be used with a piece of card behind the page.

Like the rest of the Creative Haven series, there is a white border running down the spine of each image, preventing the image frustratingly entering the spine!


I have been scouring the Internet and bookshops for good fantasy books, I even got to the point of considering making my own (despite zero creative talent here!) so when I saw this, I ordered it but wasn’t optimistic. Well I was surprised.

From the first page, with a goblin staring at me from his toadstool, to the grumpy wizard smoking a pipe, to the proud Gryphon in a field, this book blew my expectations out of the water. The quality and variety of images is amazing – this is not a book of fairies as many ‘fantasy’ books tend to be!

The images are drawn with medium thickness lines, with enough emphasis to feel as if each had just been drawn in front of you. This style is consistent throughout, making it feel like a story book, or journey you’re viewing and adding colour to!



As regular readers will know, I love the idea of books telling a story, or taking you on a journey. I think there is little better for anxiety or insomnia than a book you can get lost in. This book does that, and more, with its magical images.

On the flip side, the images aren’t so intricate that it requires a lot of concentration or a huge time investment. The details range from simple to intricate, and something for every concentration level.

Line thickness is medium throughout, and there are large spaces in each image, making it a good fit for anyone with vision impairments or issues with fine motor control.
If you’re looking for more fantasy designs, have a look at my review of this great book!

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