Making Colouring Special

Pages – 128 
Publisher – Living Art 

Available at select newsagents in Australia and the U.K, or from Amazon via this link.
At first glance, I thought this was a book. It is quite weighty, has more pages than a standard magazine, and has a glossy, cardstock, colourful cover. 

This magazine was a gift from my sister and it was a surprise. As far as colouring magazines go, beyond the images, they do all tend to be very similar. This one is not only very high quality, but also much larger than most magazines at 128 pages.

The magazine is glue bound, but it is very pliable, and most images do not enter the spine. The paper is bright white and has a surprising amount of texture for a magazine, enough that I was able to achieve multiple layers with pencils.

I experienced no bleeding with waterbased markers, fineliners or pencils, although the pages are not double sided, a blessing! 



The images are patterns. Lots and lots of patterns. Geometric patterns, floral patterns, line patterns, illusion patterns. Looking through, I immediately wanted to start tackling quite a few! 

A number were patterns that I hadn’t seen before, a rarity, particularly in a magazine, which tend to be collections of themed stock images.

An interesting note, the lines are not a black in this magazine, but a dark grey. It doesn’t make a big difference, but it does have a difference on the colours and final outcome. I quite liked the dark grey, as it was a way to try a new way of colouring, focusing on the outline as well as the image itself. 

Line thickness varies throughout the magazine, with some images being hair thin and other being quite thick. 

As with most patterns, the images do tend to be quite intricate, but some are made of large spaces, which is a nice break! 


Overall, I think this book can have a lot of benefits. The repetitive nature of patterns is soothing to many people with anxiety, depression and/or insomnia, and this magazine has them in spades. 

The pictures in the magazine may prove a challenge for people with fine motor issues and/or vision impairment so have a look at the images before you decide. 

If you love the look of these patterns, you’ll probably love this book, full of amazing patterns!


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