Color Love 

Artist – Thaneeya McCardle

Publisher – Design Originals

Pages – 64

Link to Purchase -via the  Book Depository or via Amazon.





This is part of Design Original ‘Perfectly Portable Pages’ releases, designed for colouring on the go. At 20cm x 13cm it certainly achieves this goal, being a great size to tuck in a bag!

The cover is a vibrant image from the book in a glossy cardstock that is quite sturdy, and the spine is glue bound proving extra reinforcement.

As with other Design Originals books, the images thankfully are not double sided, making it a blessing for colourists who prefer mediums other than pencil. Each image is accompanied by a quote on the facing page, which is a nice touch!

Some images do enter the spine, but the spine does yield with some use.

The images in this book are a variety from Thaneeya McCardles other books, including Peace and Love, Groovy Abstract and Happy Campers. The images are scaled down, but make the transfer quite well!

Line thickness is consistent throughout the book, remaining moderately thick on each page. Images are not very detailed, but include room for doodles or tangles if you are so inclined.

The images range from animals, to mandalas, to patterns. There are no patterns or geometrics in this book however.

As with many of Design Originals books, the first few pages are dedicated to colour theory, doodle examples and coloured examples of pictures in the book. This is relatively uncommon in other colouring books, and I find it quite helpful at times when I am stuck on an image!

This book is a mood lifter, for many people. Flicking through and seeing the whimsical patterns, happy animals and cheerful quotes, it is a positive thing to focus on for some time.

The line thickness and intricacy means it is probably quite suitable for those with fine motor or vision impairments, although as a pocket book, the size of the book may make securing the book a challenge.

The size and lack of detail means that this is an ideal book for times when you don’t feel like diving into a big project, rather spending a short time on an image.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of happiness in their colouring, or a fun little book to take you away from the outside world for a short while!
If you love Thaneeya McCardles style, be sure to check out my review of her Treasury!

If you’re after more pocket sized pages,  this one definitely fits the bill!

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