Exhale – Breathe, Color, Relax…Dream

Author – Ting PetersonPages – 76

Publisher – Createspace Independent Publisher 

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adult colouring coloring colored stress relief art therapy nature coloring book review


The debut venture into the colouring book arena for this artist, Exhale, Breathe, Color, Relax … Dream (I’ll refer to it as ‘Exhale’ from here on out) is a great size – just under A4 at 21 x 27cm , and nice and portable, at 76 pages. 

The cover is primarily black, with a coloured image brightening up the centre in an array of bright colours! The paperback cover is glossy card, and stands out amongst the many brightly coloured and white/cream covers of other books. 

The paper in the book is quite surprising for an independently published book – the few I’ve reviewed do tend to have lower quality paper. The paper in thi book is a lovely bright white, and with a moderate amount of tooth. I experienced no bleeding with waterbased markers or fineliners, although a little shadowing did occur. 

This is not much of an issue – the images are single sided. Delightfully, there is also a 1.5 cm border around each image, preventing any images entering the spine. 

adult colouring coloring colored stress relief art therapy nature coloring book review
Colured with Polychromos and Lyra Rembrandt coloured pencils
adult colouring coloring colored stress relief art therapy nature coloring book review    


Exhale is filled with a lovely variety of uniquely whimsical images, from butterflies, to ballroom dancers, to seascapes.

The images are all hand drawn in a unique style, with patterned areas within the some of the main images, some images made up of smaller patterns and lines and others yet with plenty of space for shading and blending. 

They style of drawing means that despite the variety of images, there is a lovely feeling of consistency that isn’t tedious as some books can become.

Some images can be difficult to interpret, and make it difficult to figure out what goes where and which line is meant to be what, but this is infrequent. 

Intricacy varies from intermediate to complex, with some of the images containing a number of more intricate spaces for those that prefer a variety of intricacies. 

The line thickness is consistent throughout, fine, but not spindly thin thankfully. In the occasional spot, the line does become a touch thicker, but it’s not easily noticeable and doesn’t interfere with the images at all.
 adult colouring coloring colored stress relief art therapy nature coloring book review   


If you are a fan of nature, and I certainly think it is fantastic for any health issues, this will be a nice addition to any colouring collection. 

The variety of images means that you can flip through and choose one that appeals to your mood. I found this helpful on a darker day when I wanted to colour something cheerful and bright – that’s how my coloured butterfly occurred! 

The line thickness and intricacy means that some images or sections of images may prove difficult for people with vision impairments or fine motor issues, but as always check the photos to see if they’ll suit your needs. 

Overall, I think this is a very helpful book for anyone with a mental or physical illness – the subject matter is one that will whisk you away on a journey and the varied images and intricacies mean that you can choose your image based on how your concentration levels are at that time! 

If you are a fan of a variety of whimsical images, read my review of Scandinavian Folk Images via this link.


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