Color My Moods Vol 1-3

Artist – Mario Castro

Publisher – Scribo Creative

Pages – 86 pages each volume 

Volume 1 Mandalas


Volume 2 Garden Mandalas


Volume 3 Heart Mandalas

As I reviewed the PDF version of each volume, I will not comment on the book structure, paper, spine etc

The printed versions are available from Amazon via this link. The PDF versions are available from Payhip via this link.


The images in these books have been masterfully created. Each one is designed with the colourist in mind, and this shines through. There are no missing lines, uneven spaces or crooked areas in these books! 

Each volume contains 42 images, all a wonderfully designed mandala. The theme does depend on the volume, but all three complement each other wonderfully! 

There are some wonderfully unique aspects of these volumes that have drawn me in to colour them – and mandalas aren’t my usual choice! 

The first is the complexity – each volume is designed so that you are able to choose the complexity of the design you want to colour! The book is designed so that mandalas are shown simple, moderate, incredibly intricate and then repeated that way throughout the book! 

The second, and the reason behind the ‘Day and Night’ moniker, is that each mandala is provided to you with both a white and black background – allowing you the choice and ability to colour each one in two different ways!

Volume One consists of mandalas made up of lines, curves, circles and other geometric shapes.

Volume Two – Garden Mandalas – consists of mandalas made up of plants, leaves, flowers and other nature themed images.

Volume Three – Heart Mandalas – consists of heart shaped combined with the traditional geometric themes.

Simple (Vol 2 Garden Mandalas)
Moderate (Vol 2 Garden Mandalas)
Highly Intricate (Vol 2 Garden Mandalas)

I think these books would be fantastic for anyone suffering from any type of mental illness or chronic illness.

The variety of themes and intricacies within allow you to gain the level of distraction or external focus that you need when you are in pain or having a bad night.

The clearly indicated range of complexity allows you to choose the intricacy that you feel you can handle at the time and you can choose to tackle more intricate ones or continue with simpler ones, depending on your concentration at the time.

Intricacy does vary quite a bit for this reason, but the simpler and some of the moderate images would most likely be suitable for those with vision or fine motor skills impairments. As always, please check the images before deciding! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review

Batgirl x

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A note about the images – I printed these using a standard home printer. The ‘night’ black background mandala below shows why I don’t like my printer very much!!! As printers, ink and paper vary so much, you will most likely get different results at home. It will almost certainly work out easier and cheaper to purchase the books from the Amazon link to ensure the highest quality printing! 

Day/Night (Vol 1 Mandalas)
Simple (Vol 3 Heart Mandalas)
Moderate (Vol 3 Heart Mandalas)
Highly Intricate (Vol 3 Heart Mandalas)

2 thoughts on “Color My Moods Vol 1-3

  1. Thank you for a great review Ali! It’s really nice to have someone like you review the books so colorists can preview and decide if they want to invest in the book. This flip through can also help: YouTube
    Vol. 1 –
    Vol. 2 –
    Vol. 3 –
    Colorists can also test run a free sample pack from Color My Moods, Day and Night series (Vols 1-3) when they sign up for enews:

    Thanks again!


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