Greyscale Tutorials, Tips and Techniques

I’ve scoured the wild lands of the Internet to bring you some great tutorials, no matter your experience with greyscale colouring! 
There are links from two very comprehensive sites and artists at the moment, I am still working on finding some further tutorials! 

What is Grayscale Coloring? By Nikki Burnette –

What is Grayscale Coloring? By Nicole Stocker

How to color Grayscale by Nicole Stocker –

Grayscale Colouring Tips and Tricks by Nikki Burnette –

Coloring Grayscale With Colored Pencils Tutorials  by Nikki Burnette –

Coloring Grayscale with Watercolor Pencils by Nicole Stocker

Using Waterbased Markers under Colored Pencil for Grayscale Images by Nicole Stocker –

Coloring Grayscale With Markers by Nikki Burnette –

Using Oil Pastels and Baby Oil With Grayscale Coloring by Nicole Stocker –

Coloring Grayscale Backgrounds With Pastels by Nikki Burnette –

Using Soft Pastels for Grayscale Backgrounds by Nicole Stocker –

Product Reviews for Grayscale Coloring by Nikki Burnette –

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