Artist – Lee

Pages – 96

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review


As with many books published in Korea, this book is well made. At 25cm x 25cm (9.8 in x 9.8 in) it is the same size as other popular books like Enchanted Forest and Animal Kingdom. The slipcover is a soft card, embellished with metallic spots and lightly coloured images from the book. The cover underneath is a glossy card with light brown linework. 

The spine is bound with glue and string and is quite tight, although eases up with use. It took a few colouring sessions to be able to easily colour the parts of the images that enter the spine. 

Images are single sided, with writing (in Korean) on the reverse of the images. 

The paper is a moderately thick, bright white and lightly textured paper. I was able to achieve a good amount of layers and blending was smooth with coloured pencil.

 Waterbased markers did not bleed as long as I did not go over them. The paper seemed to react with the ink however, resulting a spotty/patchy finish. I’ve included and picture of an example below.

This sometimes occurs with papers that are coated, so please test your markers before using them on a full image! Alcohol markers will bleed, so please ensure you have a few pages underneath the image you are colouring. 

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review
Coloured with Prismacolor Premier Pencils
Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review
The water based pen effect


The Lovely Lifestyle of Venus tells the story of the goddess of love and romance, Venus, and what her life includes. 

Beginning with an image of her home, seeing her waking up, and various images of places and items around her, it is a journey through her home, life and activities. After this, we see Venus go on to view a couple meet, fall in love, get married and have a child. This imagery is accompanied with many images of gorgeous scenes, objects and a handful of scenes with the couple and eventual child.

There are no filler images, as is often the case with books like this. Every image serves a purpose and shows some aspect of Venus’ or the couples life or surrounds.

Images do contain decorative elements, but they always fit with the image. The first five pages have very small elements with colour already added – a tassel, or a leaf etc. I didn’t find this intrusive, but please do have a look at the flipthrough and images so you can decide. 

The style of artwork is consistent throughout, adding to the storybook element. The artist has a unique style, as you will see in the images and video. Linework remains moderate throughout, and this suits the style of illustration and story. 

At first glance, the images all seem quite intricate because there are so many elements to each one. Once you start to colour them however, everything falls into place and the images are much simpler. There is no guessing of what goes where as can sometimes occur in adult colouring books.

There is a video flipthrough at the end of this review.

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review

Venus Korean Coloring Book Pages Flipthrough Review


If you are looking for something different, with a charming style, this is for you. The illustration style, combined with the fantastical storybook elements mean that this is a perfect way to escape or distract yourself when you are feeling low or in pain.

It would suit those with varying concentration levels, as the images are designed so that it can easily be completed in sections, or as a whole. This is great for those who may be able to concentrate for long periods of time, but also for those who struggle to concentrate for more than a few minutes.

Line thickness is moderate throughout, making it suitable for those with vision impairments. Intricacy is moderate-high throughout, but most of the images have a good mixture of smaller and larger areas. Those with fine motor skills impairments may struggle, but please check the images/video before deciding. 

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Batgirl x

Lovely Lifestyle Of Venus is available on Gmarket via this link and from a third party seller on Amazon US via this link. It may occasionally be available from eBay, but make sure to check prices as some sellers mark international books up quite a lot!

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