Publisher – Hardie Grant (in Australia)
Pages – 20

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book


Similar to other postcard colouring books, the Harry Potter postcard book is 16.5cm x 12cm. The smooth glossy card cover is an off white, and matches the original Harry Potter colouring book.

The cover has some black and white lineart, enhanced by gold foiling. The spine is strongly glue bound, and allows for very easy removal. I’ve removed several now and had no issues removing them. 

The postcards are printed on a heavy card, which is bright white and quite smooth. Waterbased markers do not bleed or shadow, and alcohol markers only bled slightly. There is not a lot of tooth/texture on the postcards, but coloured pencil lays down well despite this.

Coloured with Prismacolor Premier

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book


The images in the postcard book are taken from the original Harry Potter Colouring Book. Some of these are full images from the book, others are cropped and adapted to be suitable for scaled down colouring. 

The reverse of the postcards have a small patterned border, a space for adding a stamp and address and some space for a message, like a traditional postcard  does.

The artwork style does vary throughout, as five different artists were commissioned to work on the original book. The theme does tie the artwork together quite well.

There are a handful of patterned/filler pages, which is disappointing – I think there were many other worthy images that could have been chosen, but these may be your favourites!

Line thickness varies from thin to thick throughout, although the varying thickness does suit the images quite well. Intricacy is similarly variable, although there is no ridiculously small spaces as is all too common in colouring postcards.

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book

harry potter creatures postcards  coloring book


If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan and enjoy delving back into the magical world, these postcards will give you a great way to distract yourself without taking on a full page project. 

Those with fluctuating concentration levels may find this book a good alternative to the original book, as images are smaller and easily broken down into sections depending on your ability to colour and focus.

The intricacy and line thickness means that those with vision or fine motor skills impairments will most likely have no issues with these postcards, however please do check the images and video flip through to be sure.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review,

Batgirl xx

The Harry Potter Colouring Postcards are available from the Book Depository here and Amazon US here. 

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