Mythical Mermaids

Artist – Selina Fenech
Pages – 108
Publisher – Fairies and Fantasy PTY LTD

Mythical Mermaids coloring book


As with Selinas previous books, Mythical Mermaids is a subtle deep blue with a partially coloured image from the interior on the cover.
The soft matte card cover is 27.9cm x 21.6cm and the book is 108 pages. The spine is glue bound, and quite pliable after some use.
The paper is of moderate thickness and texture. A number of layers are easily achieved on the paper, with both oil and wax based pencils. Waterbased markers shadow, any other wet media will bleed. Make sure to have a few pages of standard paper behind the image to catch any bleedthrough.
Images are single sided, and surrounded by a border to prevent the image from entering the spine. The facing page has the name of the image for easy reference to the original. This book contains , 25 different images, each one repeated, for a total of 50 images.

Mythical Mermaids coloring book

Mythical Mermaids coloring book

Mythical Mermaids coloring book


There is a video flipthrough at the end of this review .

As the title suggests, this is a book full of mermaids. The artwork has been converted from the original artwork done by Selina Fenech. The art style is consistent throughout the images.
The artwork varies quite a bit, with singular mermaids staring through the page, mermaids embracing, spunky mermaids showing attitude, others swimming around a sunken ship.
The line thickness is consistently thin throughout, although the artwork is clean and consistent, so it is not difficult to see and interpret the images.
Intricacy varies a little, with most images containing smaller detailed areas and some larger areas perfect for blending and shading.

Mermaids coloring prismacolor
Coloured with Prismacolor pencils

Mythical Mermaids coloring book

Mythical Mermaids coloring book


The natural colour schemes that accompany mermaid/nautical scenes is quite soothing and would be very well suited for times of anxiety or pain, or just a low day.
The fantasy theme is one of my favourites when you are in need of distraction, as the imagery and theme is perfect for escapism.
Line thickness and intricacy means that those who have vision or fine motor skills impairments may struggle with some of these images, but as always, please do check the images and flipthrough before deciding.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you have enjoyed this review,
Batgirl xx

‘Mythical Mermaids’ is available from Amazon US here and the Book Depository here.

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