Winter Dreams (Vinterdrommar) postcards

Artist – Hanna Karlzon

Publisher – Gibbs Smith

Originally published as Vinterdrommar by Pagina Forlag

Pages – 20


The first of Hanna Karlzons postcard colouring books, Winter Dreams carries on the wonderful quality and exquisite art style. 

The cover is a matte card, in a deep blue. There is a black and white lineart from the interior with gorgeous silver foiling. The spine is glue bound, with a glue spine holding the postcards in, making for easy removal if necessary. The spine is black with the title in silver foiling.

The postcard book is a little larger than most at 24.3cm x 12.4cm, making it a good combination of traditional colouring books and smaller, postcard size colouring. 

The card that the postcards are printed on is a smooth, off white colour, with the images printed in black and white. 

Waterbased markers do not bleed or shadow, though if you use alcohol markers, please pop a few sheets of paper behind the postcard to protect the next postcard. Coloured pencils lay down very well, although it is difficult to achieve more than a few layers with the smooth texture.

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard


There is a video flipthrough of all images at the end of this review – silent and under thirty seconds. 

Those familiar with Hanna Karlzons style will not find this a surprise. All twenty images are unique, not having been published in any other colouring books, and have Hannas signature whimsical, decorative style.

Taking inspiration from her surrounds in Sweden, these 20 postcards contain images of birds, a decorated candy cane house, a sleeping rabbit, a reindeer, patterned pages of ornaments and much more.

The line thickness remains moderate-thin throughout, and intricacy is similarly moderate. Most of the images contain both larger and more detailed areas, allowing for space to blend and shade. Some postcard colouring books contain impossibly small areas, but this is not one.

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard

Vinterdrommar Colouring postcard
Reverse of the postcards


For those who are big fans of Hannas style, or enjoy the fantastical nature of these images, this postcard book is a great addition to your collection. 

Colouring a smaller image is much more manageable than a whole page, particularly on days when you are anxious, down or in pain. 

The intricacy and line thickness mean that this will most likely be suitable for those with fine motor or vision impairments, but please do look at the images and flip through video before deciding.

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review,

Batgirl xx

Winter Dreams is available on the Book Depository here and Amazon US here. 

2 thoughts on “Winter Dreams (Vinterdrommar) postcards

  1. Thank you for developing something with has all of the above health issues. I love the coloring but sometimes all the details cause sensory overload. They are beautiful pictures. I love the squirrel, one of my favorite animals.


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