Eraser Comparison

So first, I have to say – I’m Australian, and we don’t call erasers, erasers. We call them rubbers generally. However, I know most of my audience see the term rubber in a different way! I’m just sticking this note in because I am human and may slip up! If I say rubber, just assume I mean eraser, not the other thing! 

Now to the good stuff! 

Colouring is a great way to express some creativity and relax, no matter how you colour. But we are all familiar with the feeling of making pencil marks where they shouldn’t be, or regretting a colour choice and wishing we could take it back! 

No eraser will be able to remove all the colour from a page, but you can erase layers of colour and fix a mistake you have made, or choice you regret with the help of various erasers. Not only that, some erasers are great for adding highlights and points of interest to an image! 

In this post, I will introduce you to four types of eraser found in art shops and easily sourced online. I will show you how they perform on soft pastels and both wax- and oil- based coloured pencils and finally, show you where to buy them! 

The erasers I will be showing you today are –

• Tombow Mono Zero (Round and Rectangle)

• Prismacolor Magic Rub Eraser 

• Derwent Art Eraser

*I will add others to this review as I acquire them*

First a run down of the erasers themselves. 

Tombow Mono Zero Circular

Length – 17.5cm/6.9 inches

Diameter of tip
-2.5mm/0.09 inches 

– Elastomer 

Pros – 

•A brilliant size for getting in all those tiny nooks and crannies you find in adult colouring books. 

• Great for adding precise highlights to hair or other objects. 

• Easy to refill

• Handy pen style design 


• Can be flimsy with a heavy hand due to the small diameter.

• Not suitable for large spaces. 

Tombow Mono Zero Rectangular 

Length– 17.5cm/6.9 inches

Size of tip
– 2.5mm x 5mm/0.09 x 0.19 inches 

– Elastomer 


• Size of edges is perfect for cleaning up lines and mistakes

• Easy to use the edges for precisely erasing 

• Simple to refill 

• Handy pen style design 


• Not suitable for large spaces 

• Can become loose in the pen style holder. Annoying , but does not interfere with usage.

Derwent Art Eraser

Size– 5cm x 2cm x 0.9cm/1.9in x 0.8in x 0.35in

– Elastomer


• Can stand up to heavy pressure 

• Smudge proof


• Designed for graphite pencils, so requires a bit of pressure to get the desired results

• Difficult to remove residue from the edges

Prismacolor Magic Rub

Size – 5.7cm x 2.54cm x 0.7cm /2.25in x 1in x 0.27in

– Vinyl

Pros – 

• Smudge free

• Corners are easily shaped to fit the space that needs to be erased 

Cons – 

• Residue can be hard to remove

• Some smudging does occur


I have tested all four of these erasers on three mediums – a wax based pencil, oil based pencil and soft pastels – in similar colours. Each medium has one and two layers and the erasers have been applied with heavy pressure and a single stroke. 

Wax Based Pencils – Prismacolor Ultramarine

Oil-Based Pencils – Polychromos

Soft Pastels – PanPastel

Where To Buy

All of these items should be available in an art store near you. Otherwise, they are available from the following links to Amazon US.

Purchase Tombow Mono Zero Circular

Purchase Tombow Mono Zero Rectangular

Purchase Prismacolor Magic Rub

Purchase Derwent Art Eraser 

Thankyou for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

Batgirl x

6 thoughts on “Eraser Comparison

  1. Interesting information. Though you might’ve included the classic Art Gum eraser as a base level to build a comparison on.

    There are so many different types of eraser out there with a large range in price. Nice to see some information on them. Could be room for a volume 2 (and maybe 3) of this.


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