Artist– Katy Lipscomb

Pages– 80

Publisher– Blue Star Premier

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb


Finally, a publisher has been listening to what colourists want in a books structure. This book is part of Blue Star Publishings ‘Celebration Editions’ Collection’- a series of high quality colouring books for adults.

‘Stress Relieving Cats’ is eyecatching with a black cover and a multicoloured image from the book coloured in a variety of colours. 

At 25.5 x 21.6cm (10.9 x 8.5 inches) and 80 pages, it is a reasonably standard size for home or travel. The spine is both glue and string bound – it is very firm and takes quite a lot to get it to lay flat. None of the images enter the spine however!

The paper is closer to card than paper. It is bright white, lightly textured and quite thick. Waterbased markers do not bleed, and I was able to achieve quite a lot of layers with pencils. I coloured the image below with watercolour pencils and experienced very little shadowing, no warping and no bleeding! 

Images are single sided, so no need to worry about the reverse. Pages are perforated for easy removal.

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb
High Paw! Coloured with Derwent watercolour pencils

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb


There is a silent video flipthrough of all images at the end of this review.

The artwork in this book, as you may have guessed, is vey cat-focussed. Katy Lipscomb has a very unique style, with her lineart representing her watercolour art very well. This leads to the images in this book being made up various shapes and lines, but in a very clean way. 

Some of the images you will find in this book include cats dressed up for Halloween, a cat stuck in some horizontal blinds, a hissing booth, mother cats and kittens and scenes of cats causing havoc in a kitchen and a garden. 

Most of the images don’t feature a background, instead the cat/s are centred in the page. The images that do contain a background are scenes of cats in different areas. 

The book also contains a page of three bookmarks to colour and remove, and three pages of two postcard size images. These all feature one or more kitties, with the postcards having portraits of six different cats. 

Intricacy varies from low to moderate throughout, with plenty of larger spaces to block colour or shade and blend. Line thickness remains moderate throughout and print is clear and clean.

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb

Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb
Removable Bookmarks to Colour
Stress Relieving Cats Coloring Book Katy Lipscomb
Postcard size images


For those who are cat mad, this book will definitely be a mood booster! Even for those who aren’t amongst us crazy cat people, the humorous images are a great way to enjoy some lighthearted colouring with no pressure. 

Those with fluctuating concentration levels will find this book very suitable, as the range of images is very adaptable. You can choose to colour a small area of a cat, or an entire image. The postcards and bookmarks are also very well suited to times of low concentration.

The line thickness and intricacy means that this book will be perfect for those with fine motor or vision inpairments, but as always, please do check the images beforehand.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review, and happy colouring!

Batgirl xx

Stress Relieving Cats is available on the Book Depository here and Amazon US here.

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