Artist– Simone Phillips

Pages– 98

horse coloring adult


With an eyecatching white cover, complete with a coloured image from the book, this book is intriguing from the start. 

At approximately A4 size, 27.9cm x 21.6cm and 98 pages, this book is a good size and thickness for colouring wherever you like to.

The spine is glue bound, providing reinforcement against loosening pages, and lays reasonably flat with little effort.

The paper is bright white, and lightly textured. Oil- and wax-based coloured pencils lay down nicely, and I was able to achieve a good amount of layers. Waterbased markers will shadow and bleed, and alcohol markers will bleed through. Images are single sided, so as long as you pop a few pieces of paper behind the image you are working on, you won’t lose any images no matter the medium you are using. 

Images are also surrounded by a border, with none of the images being lost into the spine. 

horse coloring adult
The Thumbnail images
horse coloring adult

horse coloring adult

horse coloring adult


When I was a kid, I was horse mad. Spent my days doodling horses, reading about horses and I would even buy those horse auction magazines and plan my farm that was going to be home to hundreds of horses. Now I am an adult, and I am much more reasonable, but I still feel a little twinge of longing when I see a horse! This book is a perfect way to feed my inner horse mad child!

Simone Phillips has managed to capture the elegance and beauty of these creatures and render them ready for you to add colour to.

Subjects range from horse portraits, to a mother and foal, a unicorn, a horse and it’s rider, horses in action and so much more. Most of the images are very lifelike, with shading and detail, with a handful only in black and white lines for you to be creative with. 

The first 8 pages of the book are dedicated to thumbnails of the images, providing a smaller version for you to test colours on or just have a smaller colouring project.

Intricacy varies a little, but remains moderate throughout. The horses do have some patterns on them, but they are not terribly detailed. Line thickness is thin to moderate throughout. 

horse coloring adult

horse coloring adult

horse coloring adult

horse coloring adult


If you are a fan of horses, or animals in general, this book will be a mood lifter – and the artist has done a brilliant job of drawing these realistically. 

This book would be suited to those with fluctuating concentration levels, as you can complete a small area of an image, one of the thumbnails or a whole image depending on your mood.

For those with vision impairments, this book may not be suitable due to the patterns, but please do check the image before you decide!

Thankyou for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

Batgirl xx

The Wonderful World Of Horses 2nd Edition is available from the Book Depository here and Amazon US here.

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