Artist – Hannah Lynn

Pages – 108

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults


As my regulars know, I’m a bit of a fantasy lover – I’m always on the lookout for anything fairy, dragon, cryptozoology-related. This also means I can be a touch critical of anything fantasy related! 

The book is around A4 size, at 21.6cm x 28cm, which I find a great size for transporting and using at home.

The cover is a glossy cardstock, complete with a collage of completed images from the book, for an outstanding effect.

The spine is glue bound, which means it can withstand quite a bit of manoeuvring without pages falling out or the spine breaking. The spine is quite pliable with some use as well, which is very helpful! 

Images are single sided, which is fantastic – something I’m seeing more and more amongst all levels of publishers! The images also contain a very helpful border around the edge of the image, preventing the image entering the spine! 

The paper is not very thick, but does have a bit of texture, and works well with pencils. One of the front pages instructs you to place a few pages of copy paper behind each image, to prevent bleeding or indentation from pencils. 

I didn’t have any problem with indentation with pencils or gel pens, and I didn’t put any copy paper behind the pages I worked on.

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults
Coloured with Polychromos pencils

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults


If you are familiar with Hannah Lynns work, you will know what to expect. For those of you who aren’t, imagine characters such as Rainbow Brite, Cinderella and Alice In Wonderland all grown up and ready to bring to life with colour.

There are 50 images, all containing one of these women, and often a fantasy creature or two. The variety of fantasy figurines that have been captured in fifty pages is truly amazing, and each page has given me something else to imagine and add life to! 

The line thickness is primarily moderate throughout, with the occasional thinner line in the background. This adds to the sense of consistency woven through these magical pages. 

The purpose of this book is to give Hannah Lynn fans images to colour that are not as intricate as some of her previous work, and she has definitely succeeded. Images are low intricacy, and provide a large amount of space to work on your blending and shading, as well as skin tones and hair. 

Images are a variety of landscape and portrait images, which is a nice variety, especially given the theme – sometimes portrait just doesn’t suit! 

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults

Hannah Lynn Fantasy coloring book adults


My two favourite colouring ‘themes’, particularly for health benefits, are fantasy and nature. This one has both, and I think the benefits are great. Something else I really love about Hannah Lynns work is you can always look at the original artwork if you are having trouble with colour choices. This is great if you get anxious about making the ‘right’ colour choices.

Each image takes you into another world, a place filled with wolf cubs, a magical forest, an underworld empire, that you can disappear into.

The intricacy is perfect for those with fluctuating concentration levels as the images are designed to be simple. 

The line thickness and intricacy makes it most likely suitable for anyone with a vision impairment or fine motor skill issues, but as always, please check the images before purchasing! 

I can see this book being well used! 

I hope youve enjoyed this review,
Batgirl x

Sweet and Simple Whimsy Girls – Mermaids and More To Color is available from Amazon US here and The Book Depository here

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