Artist – Jane Maday

Publisher – North Light Books

Pages – 128

Features – 

  • Perforated pages for easy removal
  • Full colour examples for reference
  • Tips and tutorials with practice images


The book is a little smaller than A4/Letter size at 27.9cm x 20.9cm (10.9 in x 8.2 in) and a decent thickness at 128 pages. It features a glossy card cover with an image from the interior of the book in half colour/half greyscale to illustrate the type of images you will find inside.

The paper is bright white, slightly textured and of moderate thickness. Images are single sided and perforated for easy removal. Pages remove smoothly and cleanly without issue. The spine is glue and string bound, and does not lay flat, although with some use will loosen.

The paper suits all mediums very well. The first image I completed (below) was completed with a mixture of coloured pencils, both oil and wax based and soft pastels, both a very cheap brand and a more expensive artists brand. The paper was able to take several layers and allowed for blending, and the pastels ‘stuck’ quite well – please don’t mistake the patches for the paper being unsuitable, that was all user error!

Spot tests of both water and alcohol based markers showed that the paper is able to handle both, although the alcohol markers will bleed through. As the images are single sided this is not an issue, just make sure to have some paper behind the image you are working on.

Coloured with Polychromos
Coloured with Prismacolor pencils
One page of the full colours examples


As the name suggests, there is no shortage of ‘aww’ inspiring images to bring to life in this book! Kittens playing, birds at a feeder, bunnies hopping around a garden and so much more. Cats, birds, butterflies, chickens, ducks, rabbits, squirrels – this is an animal lovers dream.

Jane Maday is an accomplished artist and has produced quite a few art instructiom books as well as two lineart colouring books. This is her first greyscale colouring book and her style of artwork suits it very well. The hand drawn greyscale images based on  original artwork combined with the charming art style work very well to produce images that are hard to resist. I’ve included several images of the artwork included in this book as well as a short, silent flipthrough.

The best feature of this book (besides the artwork) is the first dozen pages. After a brief introduction to greyscale colouring, the artist has provided several pages of examples and step by step instructions on how she achieves effects like fur and highlights. Each example also has a practice image so you can colour along too. This introduction is followed by a page with small images to practice on before starting the full size images in the book.

If you are like me, and sometimes get stuck for colour inspiration, the artist has thought of us too! As the images are all from original artworks, the back of the book has full colour reproductions (four to a page) to refer to. Even if you want to colour purple bunnies and black grass, these are handy to have!

Coloured with Polychromos pencils




You cant really pick a more mood lifting subject than cute animals in natural environments. Both the themes and the colours that go with them are relaxing and should serve to calm or at least distract a restless mind.

The greyscale style is something that can be challenging for those new to it, but the practice pages and areas mean that even those newest to it can feel confident before they try an entire page. The full colour examples make a perfect colour guide – a compromise between the colour-by-numbers many find helpful, and feeling overhwelmed by choosing colours. When I coloured the first image in the book, I followed the original the entire time because I did not want to be overwhelmed by colour choice. When I did a second image, I didn’t. It’s a helpful option if this is an issue for you though.

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Batgirl x

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